Fall 2012 preaching Tour

fall 2012 preaching tour

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  1. preach@luke24vs47.com says:

    Fall 2012 was a great time to be sharing the Gospel. Beginning in Boston and ending in Asheville N.C. Opportunities to preach at : Harvard, UMass, URI, UConn, Bloomsburg Pa, UPenn, George Washington U, VCU, UNC, Appalachian State, UNC Asheville, Outside the Whitehouse, Chinatown DC, Octoberfest-Hickory N.C.
    Tour organized by Scot Smith and filmed by his son Brendan. Nuumerous preachers proclaimed that Jesus Christ is LORD: Scot Smith, Mike Stockwell, Sy Ten Bruggencake, Robert Costa, Robert Gray,Dustin Seger, Matthew Boyd, Jeremy Boyd, Brian Tait and his sons, John Beeton, Ken Tosloski, Michael Corel, Jamie Francis, Jorge Pina, Michel Macarvage, and myself. The Gospel was proclaimed, the name of Christ lifted up. All this submitted now to GOD the Father and Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ with all assurance the Holy Spirit will move according to GOD’s good pleasure and confident the word of the LORD will accomplish it’s purpose. GOD has decreed that the Gospel is the power of GOD unto salvation to those who believe and after that the wisdom of GOD the world by wisdom knew not GOD, it pleased GOD by the foolishness of preaching to save them that believe.
    1 Cor 1:21.
    Not unto us but unto GOD be the glory.
    Soli Deo Gloria

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