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Proclaiming the Gospel fall 2019

Praise the Lord, and ascribe to Him glory, and power, might, and dominion now and forevermore.
2019 was a wonderful year the Lord provided for witnessing for Jesus Christ, preaching the Gospel, and encouraging other believers. And of course, being encouraged and blessed by brothers and sisters in Christ. A full year with much travel; Jamaica, Belize, England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Dominican Republic, and many different states, cities, and colleges.
Fall 2019 was an especially full season of preaching at universities throughout much of America. A new generation of young adults, no longer wanting to be called or associated with millennials or gen x, this generation would attempt to disregard any previous generation. “OK Boomer” would be their slogan; which is their way of dismissing anything from the past as irrelevant. Previous generations were known for a gesture rather than a slogan, interpreted “talk to the hand”. This year we saw an increase in the denial of absolutes as well as a decrease in the number of professing Christians, or those who would publicly claim to believe in Jesus Christ. We also experienced an increase in lawlessness on campus which is often tolerated and coddled by campus police. Although I attempt to make all of my items secure and label them, there were signs stolen, a leather sign portfolio, Christian literature, and a preaching stool {all stolen} in public and in broad daylight. In the case of the stool, the young man was apprehended by the police, and although I requested for no charges to be brought against him, he was taken to court and the stool became evidence, which means I did not get it back. The police felt certain he would only get a reprimand or a period of probation. ( see link to UMass Amherst news). We shared the Gospel on more campuses than I will mention, but we started in Albuquerque and finished in Massachusetts. We were also hosted or joined by different churches in N.M. Denver, Columbia Mo. St. Louis Ill. Pa. R.I. and Mass. The Lord provided for us and kept us safe. I was also blessed to preach in the open air at the Lincoln Memorial and outside the White House, and in some cities with great need of a hope which no government agency can supply: downtown Albuquerque, Camden, NJ, Newark N.J. NYC union square, and Boston.
This season was also different in that after preaching at several of the colleges, a student would hand us a handwritten note, encouraging us, or apologizing for the behavior of their classmates. At one of the Colleges where we have often evangelized, I had a conversation with a very humble young man who had been raised by a catholic parent, but had no idea of what Christianity is all about. I left him with some Christian literature and my contact info and promised that I would e mail him with the address of some Christian churches near enough to his campus in Boston so that he could visit. This is one of the colleges we visit more than once, and when I met him several weeks later he was very joyful and thankful. He had begun attending one of the churches on the “Nine-Marks church list” I had provided him. I pray and hope that God will continue to draw him to Jesus Christ.
( a copy of his response is below). The finale of the fall preaching is Salem Massachusetts on Oct 31, Halloween. As in previous years, I was assisted and hosted by Pastor Stephen Brock from True Gospel Baptist Church in Salem Mass. I was also assisted by many friends who came to co-labor with me. Friends drove or flew in from Va. NC. Ga. NY, and NH. Halloween is a full day, from noon until 10 PM. The Salem event is very intense and many people will demonstrate their anger or hatred of God when Jesus Christ is preached. This year more than ever the crowd would seethe and rail against the Gospel. I am always hurt when I read the Gospel accounts of the people in Jesus’ time chanting “crucify Him”. Surely this was an irrational hatred of the One who did all things well. This year often the  crowd at Salem  would chant vile and profane blasphemies against God and against His Christ. A large portion of Salem is blocked off to allow for the festivities on Halloween, and there are countless things (mostly occult) the Salem party-goers could participate in, but many will spend hours trying to drown out or intimidate the Christians there who are proclaiming the Good News of Jesus Christ. This was a long and arduous trip, but the Lord was our strength and our shield. And the love of Christ and the love for our neighbors compels us to remain faithful and endure until the end. We have no reason to fear or be downcast, for Jesus Christ has overcome the world. For there is no disease of sin He can not heal, and no chain of sin He can not break, and nothing is beyond the exceeding greatness of His power – to us who believe.
Grace be with all who love our Lord Jesus Christ with love incorruptible.

Note: this is acopy of a email from a man from attending UIMass Boston.

Good Evening Sir,
I haven’t been able to stop thinking about our conversation and the words you and your brothers in Christ were speaking. I got home to my apartment and sat on my couch and started reading. I called the Charles’s River Church and left a voicemail. The other ones you recommend the Ashmont Calvary Church is in walking distance and the closest. I know today was not a coincidence. I left because I had to pick up my car and had an appointment at the Veterans Hospital today at 3. I got on the bus from school after I talked with you and it was supposed to drop me off at the train (subway) station. It didn’t and I stayed on it and it turned back to UMASS. I canceled my VA appointment on the phone and stayed there. I didn’t know what or why I was being pulled back but the first thing that popped into my mind walking back to were y’all were was God telling me to stand there with you all. I felt like I needed to be there and to stand there. I observed the other students and couldn’t believe how much hate and anger they had in their hearts. They did not want to listen but wanted confrontation. I was feeling angry like them at them and had to calm myself and pray for them to. Even though when you left I told them “who are you going to heckle now” they had nothing better to do but to distract Gods message from ears who wanted to hear and also distracted others who couldn’t hear over their yelling. You all had more composer and grace than I thought anyone could. I learned something from that today. I really appreciate you taking your time to talk with me and everyone at school today. I’m scared and will seek Jesus. I always feel guilty after Sins and seeing or hearing or doing unclean things. I worry and confused as to I’m a sinner and I could never be perfect or not sin. I know in the future I’ll get angry or look at a woman and have impure thoughts in the future and I don’t want these thoughts or feelings. I can’t overcome my failures without Jesus and don’t want to live in darkness. I give my life to Jesus and put my trust in him. My father has an amazing story of redemption and Salvation and something that he shared with me and some others and I would like to tell you his story if that’s possible. I checked my e-mail twice since I got home in hopes you would email me. Thank you Sir and to everyone that was there at UMASS today. I would like to keep in touch if that’s possible. Thank you again.
Very Respectfully,

Below are some links to college Newspaper or videos produced by the students. Discernment is necessary because each of the writers or producer has their own bias, and often they report the reactions of other students, who have their opinions regarding what they saw or heard. A day on campus is usually 4 or 5 hours long, yet some accounts are documented, coming from someone who walked by or spent a few minutes listening.


UMass Students vs Christian Preachers: Who should our university protect?

Finally, I have included the video of a young man at Boston commons with a great gift of song, yet having hard times on the street. He was a professing Christian and aa true blessing to me.









Can you handle the truth ?

Ocean Swimming

Bicycle Tour

Flowers and Pots

Professing Christians defend abortion

America would appear to be in a full force moral decline. Although Almighty God’s arm in not too short to save, the Bride of Christ for the most part, except for a remnant is not willing to be a light in the darkness, nor salt to a nation that is rotting and polluted. Each Christian is saved by Jesus Christ for a purpose, to walk in the works God has prepared for him, before the foundation of the world. This is not to say all of those who remain silent and keep their peace amidst a spiritual battle being waged against the kingdom of God, are lost or condemned, but it may be a demonstration that many have:

Forsaken the study of the Bible, preferring to follow their heart or be led by their feelings.

because of itchy ears have sought out teachers skilled in scratchy itchy ears.

Been taught by false teachers, false prophets, or one without knowledge.

Because assimilated by the secular culture, and lost their saltiness.

It may also be that there are many nowadays who have been deceived into thinking they belong to Jesus Christ yet have never been regenerated, and are walking by the flesh with no Holy Spirit to guide them in paths of righteousness. Once again the primary issue is the deceitful heart of men and women, and false or faulty teaching by the Shepherds of Christ’s sheep. Also the god of this world has blinded the eyes of many and for some; because they don’t accept the truth, God Himself sends them strong delusions.

There are some simple truths found in the Bible that are often passed over because the general principle has been taught so often the specific meaning and application has been lost.

For example; The current debate concerning evolution in which  Bible believing Christians rightly declare from Gen 1 that in the beginning God created the heaven and the earth. However in the issue with gender confusion, sexual perversity, and same sex attraction most will argue from a temporal viewpoint rather than rightly declaring from Gen 2 that “therefore a mam, shall leave his father and his mother and hold fast to his wife and they shall become one flesh”. The Old and New Testament both speak against men laying with men, but the Genesis passage and also the New Testament letter to the Church in Rome, Chapter 1, would denouncing not just the sexual act, but the sinful passions, vile affections, and perverted desires. Sadly, because so many no longer study the scriptures, this can be deceived not just from the media, but also from the pulpit that perverted attractions can be normal for Born again Christians, filled with the Holy Spirit.

Another example of false teaching or wrong thinking is the issue of abortion.  Referring again to the Genesis 1, God reveals that men and women are made in the image of God. Hence, in a spiritual sense, abortion is the destroying of the image of God and disposing of it as waste, as though humans have no meaning, no purpose, and no value. What man or women with a true love toward God can be silent with regards to His image bearers being destroyed? In a practical sense, countless times men and women entering abortion clinics claim to be Christians, claim to have prayed to God, claim to have the blessing of their pastor, or even claim they are sending their unborn child to heaven. This rebellion and self will have their practical commencement as read in Genesis 3, that as a consequence of the sin of Adam and his wife, there would be enmity between the seed of the woman and the seed of the serpent. This enmity has been manifested throughout the ages in murder, racism, slavery, genocide, and abortion. Many guilty of such sins against those made in God’s image would paraphrase Adam’s son Cain as written in Genesis chapter4 by saying ” surely I am not my brother’s keeper.”

The Bible makes known the character of God, the sinfulness of men apart from Christ, the judgment of God after death, and the way by which God and sinner can be reconciled. Starting with the creation of men by God, the Author of life, and of God breathing eternal life into the earthen vessel made in His image, it is also revealed that “life is in the blood”.  Therefore one of the things God hates is “the shedding of innocent blood”, and God is angry with the wicked, and will by no means clear the guilty. The temporal punishment for taking a life is to have your life taken, but after death, then come the judgment. This judgment will not be by sinful men but by a holy God. This judgment will not be by disinterested magistrates or unbiased overseers who might recuse themselves if there was a conflict of interest. This eternal judgment will be by the One true God, Who has written His law on every man’s heart, is angry at all evil doers, hates the hands that shed innocent blood, and promises to show  mercy relative to the mercy shown to others. The Apostle declares that ” It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God“. There may be a way that seems right, appears right, or feels right to men and women, but the way therein leads to death. Therefore we must not lean on our own understanding, but we must in all our ways acknowledge God, that He would guide our path. All of the preceding truths would confirm that it is never God’s way that would involve abortion, for God has commanded that we shall not murder, which would bear a meaning of preserve life.

The clear teaching of the Bible with regards to God, life, murder, and judgment demonstrates how wicked it is to teach or even believe that God is pleased or even apathetic about the sin of abortion. Yet, so many who profess to be Christians, will take part in abortion or be silent about abortion. In the teaching of Jesus about the judgment of God upon those He called goats, and also the condemnation which fell upon a rich man clothed in fine purple clothing, was in a sense not for what they had done that was worthy of God”s wrath; but was for what they has not done for those whom Jesus considered “least of these“. And Jesus identified with the “least of these“, so that He could say, ” whatever you have not done for the “least of these“, it is as though you have not done it for Me. Then warning is to be cursed and be cast into the eternal fire prepared for the devil and his angels. The scripture names the naked, the hungry, the thirsty, the naked, the stranger, the sick and the imprisoned. Could you not consider the unborn one of the “least of these“. Should you not be your brothers keeper? Are you not commanded to love your neighbor, and warned that since God says the wages of sin are death and you give your neighbor no warning, nor speak to warn the wicked from his wicked way, in order to save his life, that wicked person shall die for his iniquity, but his blood God will require at your hand; but if you warn the wicked, and he does not turn from his wickedness, or from his wicked way, he shall die for his iniquity, but you will have delivered your soul, ( from the temporal consequence of your silence). I Have included some personal conversations with professing Christians who excuse, justify, and defend the murder of the unborn.

There is forgiveness of sin offered By God by virtue of His precious Son Jesus, who was conceived by the Holy Spirit and born of a virgin. A miraculous sign and a demonstration of how far God would go to rescue His sheep from the judgment and wages they are deserving of. Jesus fulfilled every law in full love and obedience, even obedient to a sacrificial death on a cross in accordance with the predetermined counsel of God. He rose from the dead on the third day in accordance with the scripture, and ascended to the right hand of God. His offer of pardon for sin is freely issued to those who confess their sin and take that sin to Him, having it nailed to His cross. But, until we cease from excuses, justifications, and blaming others, there shall be no pardon for sin. Jesus died for the sins of His people. Abortion, like all sin is deserving of God’s wrath, But God has provided a mercy seat, a place of refuge where the guilty may by God’s grace, have their sins fully paid for, and By His resurrection from the dead, be justified and receive the peace of God and all that comes to those He appoints to eternal life.




Salem and Fall season 2018

Fall preaching started earlier this year, and covered a much larger mission field and a longer period of time on the road. In between a trip to the Dominican Republic and a final week of preaching which included Salem Massachusetts on October 31, I was blessed and privileged to share the Gospel of Jesus at countless colleges and many cities and street corners. My friend Scot Smith coordinated much of the trip, but there were several weeks when I had to trust in the Lord and He provided not only open effectual doors to testify to the truth of God, but also men to work with, families to stay with, and when needed even the funds to secure a room. Jesus said ” foxes had dens and birds had nests, but the Son of man had no where to lay His head”. The Lord has been good to me and has done exceedingly more than what I thought to ask. On this trip at some point we made a visit to the Ark Encounter on a Sunday afternoon, after worshipping with the saints in Kentucky. This trip also was amazing in that so many pastors, elders, and Christians joined in evangelism. We were accompanied and assisted by brothers and sisters in: Colorado, Missouri, Kansas, Illinois, Kentucky, and Massachusetts In addition to preaching on college campuses, I also ministered outside abortion clinics in N.J., NYC, Connecticut, and Maryland. There was also days of preaching in different cities: Boulder, Denver, Newark, NYC, Rochester, Boston, Camden, and Salem.

As for the college ministry, the students continue to be more militant with regards to silencing anything contrary to their feelings. As reported in recent news accounts, some non Christian lecturers are being shut down by riotous students because of conservative viewpoints. Although these lecturers are invited and provided a venue to give their speech, the students forcibly take over the speaking engagement,  and the campus police are unable to maintain order. Much the same occurs when  sharing the Gospel on campus,  although we generally allow the students opportunities to ask questions and state their beliefs. There are many students who listen respectfully, but at most colleges there is a militant faction who will demonstrate and protest and make the subject of the day their group. In downtown Denver, we had to take some time out to pray and to allow some of the most angry students to cool off or move on. Yet it was a great day there for person to person conversations. Often the larger schools have been visited by some hate filled preachers who attempt to get a large crowd by insulting anyone who walks by. Sadly we are generally lumped in with them and considered guilty before we even speak. However there is a great need for the truth of the Gospel to be declared at the colleges. Every world view imaginable is offered to the students by the secular staff, but the Christian worldview and faith in Christ is considered offensive in public. For example, at the the Ark Encounter I purchased a shirt with a scripture verse from Genesis about the rainbow and God’s eternal covenant with Noah. The young  woman in line ahead of me said she loved the shirt, but would be afraid to wear it at on campus. I was surprised at her fear and asked the cashier who was an employee at the Ark Encounter what her thoughts were about wearing the shirt. She too said she could not wear the shirt at her school. I fully understand the intolerance students demonstrate when some visiting Christians come on campus, but it is sad that young professing Christians are so frightened to take a stand for Bible truth. I believe that so many American Christians are not reading the Bible and come to believe that to be well thought of is the mission Christ has called us to. Our culture has impressed upon us that everyone must like and respect us or; we have failed. It is clear in the teaching of Jesus that because of who He was, and because the world hated Him, those who followed Him, would also be hated. One of the signs I take with me when I visit a campus has simply 4 letters. L O V E. A major problem with our culture today is the meaning of this word. Quite often students will ask        ” what is wrong with me loving my partner?” I am always quick to respond that the entire Bible would direct us to love God, love our neighbor, and love our enemies. At the final campus for this year,  Southern Connecticut State University, a young woman asked me this question. I said  it was no sin to love her partner and suggested she love her partner like she loved her father. She said that would be “creepy”, and it shows how the meaning and the purity of love has been defiled in this generation.

During a 2 month period, we traveled and preached at colleges in, Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey, and Kentucky.

Once again we were helped and encouraged by Pastor Steven Brock in Salem Massachusetts. This is maybe the 9th time I have visited Salem and preached during the festivities that take place there on October 31.  Salem has marketed witchcraft and sorcery and endeavored to host the largest party in the country during the Halloween season. For some, it is just another  big city block party; but for others they go to Salem to network with like minded people, taking part in the occult, or to learn, or to purchase supplies tp practice their craft. This is not a children’s costume party or a Trunk or Treat party. Many attending the Salem party dress up in vile and disgusting costumes, celebrating, witchcraft, abortion, and perverted nuns and priests. It is sad and shocking to see people bringing their children to such an event. The most supernatural thing I have observed is how often people will travel to Salem expending time, money, and energy and then spend the entire day standing before some Christians preaching, so as to mock or scoff at what is preached. It would seem that regardless how much they claim that God does not exist, they are captivated by the truth and  can not walk away. I thank God for His protection and for His mercy, and for the opportunity to bear witness to the truth and be a light in a dark place. And I thank God for bold Christians like Steven Brock, who has left his home in N.C. and planted a church in Salem I pray that our visit was an encouragement to him.

UK 2018 evangelism

Summer of 2018 was mostly spent sharing the Gospel in England, Scotland, Ireland, and Wales. Over a period of 8 weeks I met, traveled and preached with different Christians from different countries. Initially with some other Americans we were hosted by my dear friend Dale McAlpine and we spent our nights at a Baptist Church in Birmingham, England. With the church as a base, we traveled and preached the Gospel in Oxford, Cambridge, Bath, Lincoln, Carlisle, and Manchester. Some of my American friends returned to the states, but 3 of us traveled to Glasgow, Scotland where we joined  with about 17  American Pastors and street preachers. We lodged in a large hostel near the Glasgow city center. We divided into teams, and I was blessed to lead a team of 4 compassionate and bold Christian men from different states in America, with a united desire to see the people in Scotland gloriously saved. While in Glasgow we were often joined by some local Christians who were like-minded and were daily sharing the Gospel on the streets. This was very encouraging since during my previous trips to Scotland I have seldom seen anyone sharing their faith in public. On a Sunday I took my team and some others and gathered with the saints at a reformed Baptist Church in Anniesland, which is only a few miles from Glasgow city center. Pastor James Handysides preached a powerful message and invited some of us back to his place for lunch and fellowship. He has been a pastor for more than 50 years, and lived during times of much evangelism in Glasgow, when there were many Gospel meetings often in different sections of the city. My team and I also traveled to Stirling, Scotland where we saw the castle of William Wallace and preached in the Stirling area. This was meaningful to me because when I was last in Stirling, we endured much harassment by the local police. Each of us had an opportunity to share the Gospel and in answer to prayer we had No issues with the police. I give thanks and praise to the Lord for His many benefits. My team did not make it to Edinburgh, choosing rather to stay and minister in Glasgow, where there was a huge parade celebrating the victory of William of Orange, which brought about the end of the tyranny of Catholicism in the UK. There were people from all over Scotland, England, and Ireland grouped into different lodges parading down the city streets. Sadly the celebration involves hatred towards Roman Catholics and excessive drinking. When my team left to return to their homes and families, I traveled to Dublin Ireland where I was hosted by my friend Desmond Smith and his wife. We preached in the downtown Dublin area and in the city of Galway. during a few days when many had gathered  to experience the horse racing there. Once again excessive drinking and hatred were demonstrated. In Ireland there is much hatred towards Roman Catholics, but even worse is their enmity towards God. The people in Ireland had just had a major vote t o repeal their eighth amendment and unfortunately became the 1st country in the world to make abortion legal by popular vote. After a week in Ireland I spent some more time in England, preaching in the cities of Keswick, Kendal, Manchester, and Bristol. Manchester is a refuge for me, and the believers from the church, Grace Life Manchester, have always treated me with love and compassion. They encourage me, and I hope that I am an encouragement to them. Often one or more of the brothers there will work with me in sharing the Gospel. Bristol is a large city south of London, and was a favorite place to preach for George Whitefield, John Wesley, and Howell Harris. Myself and 3 other men were arrested in Bristol in 2016. for preaching in public, using words from the Bible that some of the residents thought were offensive. We were found Not Guilty in the court, and we continue to wait to see if the city will reimburse us because of the false arrest. My final time was spent in Wales. I have a real passion and a burden for the people in Wales. For lodging I rented an air bnb near the city of Swansea shopping area. The lady who runs the bnb also works at the Bible college there, which was founded by Reese Howells. Mr Howells  is known for his remarkable prayer life. The Bible college is now owned and operated by a group from Singapore. There may be a substantial difference from the theology of the founder of the school. My host, Ms Deb had quickly  gone by, and I returned safely home. Thanks be to God! This is the Lord’s doing, and it is marvelous in our sight.

Dominican Republic 2018


This year I was blessed to be invited to travel to the Dominican Republic and assist in teaching evangelism and sharing the Gospel in the city of Santo Domingo. Pastor Mark Loeffert , his wife Michele, my dear friend Mark O’Keefe and I were hosted by different members of what has since become one of my favorite churches, Iglesia Biblica Senor Jesus Christo. While there we spent 7 days ministering to the brethren by praying and teaching Biblical and Christ centered evangelism, and sharing the Gospel in town, at the college, at a school, in the barrio, and in the park. We were greatly encouraged by the believers there; not just the members of IBSJ, but others, like Jorge Castro who had a passion to share the Good News of the Gospel. This was my first time having a translator. It was a genuine blessing to have men like Jorge and Joel and Pastor Leopoldo Espaillat translate, often having a more passionate demeanor than myself. By God’s providence we were also greatly assisted by many of the young people who would normally be attending school, but a delay in remodeling the school provided them a week off. Many of the students traveled and ministered with us.

Sharing the Bible with the people in Santo Domingo is much different than in the U.S. There is a belief there that the Bible is the Word of God and is true, and there is a real fear of the Lord among the people. Possessing these traits does nothing with regards to salvation for someone without a renewed heart, but they are willing to listen or read for themselves what the Bible makes known. They will generally nod their head in agreement. After just showing them a few scripture verses, most people I encountered would agree they were not morally good and needed to repent. A similar response would be very infrequent in America where most people consider moral goodness relative to each person’s life and experience. However the men and women in Santo Domingo often will externally and verbally assent; but one word would leave them speechless. { Cuando? }, (When?) was a question for which they had no response. They could see the problem and they could agree with the need to repent and trust in Jesus, but most comprehended it only intellectually, and without a true sense of conviction, they felt no need for seeking the pardon that is only granted by virtue of receiving Christ by faith. All too soon the week was finished, and we had to say our “Adios” and fly back to the America. I was greatly encouraged by the local church there and the brothers and sisters who received us with love and hospitality I hope and pray we were an encouragement to them.

A short video of the students at a school at which we each shared with the students a message, and how they blessed us in their lifting up their voices to praise the Lord. Have you never read ” Out of  the mouths of infants and nursing babies, you have prepared praise.”

2018 Jamaica mission

Fishers of men. Men and women came to Jamaica from: US, Belize, Canada, England, to share the Good news of Jesus Christ

South padre island video

20017 Fall campus/Salem evangelism

Englewood NJ abortion clinic

Newark NJ, Broad and Market St. Jim Hamilton shares the Gospel.

Professor brings out some skulls to make his case. eventually acknowledges they are only plastic

Southern Connecticut State students asked many questions

UMass Lowell

University of Missouri

VCU a small beginning

VBCU As the day progresses


Salem Mass , Oct 31

Children are often brought to Salem to participate in what some think as only fun and games

Southern Connecticut State

East Coast satanic headquarters located in Salem Mass,

Jersey City NJ. Luis Zapata shares the Gospel.

WVU. Mike Stockwell shares the Gospel.

VT. Jim Hamilton shares the Gospel.

Sharing the gospel at Princeton University after dark, outside the meal houses.

The Gospel was shared at the Philadelphia “Outfest”. However some local professing Christians enable those living godless lives

Even a local Jewish group advocate for sexual impurity

Purchase College in Purchase NY. Gospel preached by Robert Parker

Purchase college. Gospel shared by Tom Mammon. some students gathered to listen, even though there is a steady rain

UConn, Storrs Conn.

UConn crowd begins to grow

UConn crowd often gets quite large. many listen, many disagree, some stay all afternoon

University of Albany, Albany NY. At this college the administration erects  a barrier for free speech, which includes a podium for the speaker.

Robert Gray shares Gospel at University of Albany

Tom Mammon, youngest member of our group shares the Gospel

East Stroudsburg University

Sharing the Gospel in Happy valet before The Penn state Michigan game

Shawn Holes shares the Gospel, asking the students, ” if he was dying from a wound, how he be assured of heaven.

Black Hebrew Israelites on corner of Broad and market Street Newark NJ


Beaver Stadium Penn state. As we preach, 50,000 fans in white pass by

Shawn Holes shares the Gospel to a large crowd at University of Vermont

UMass Amheerst

University of Albany. Making use of the podium they provide for public speakers

Kutztown University, Kutztown Pa. Keith Darrell shares the Gospel.

East Stroudsburg University, East Stroudsburg Pa.

UVM, University of Vermont, Burlington Vt.

A personal note one of the students passed to us. We hope that by the end of the day enough truth will shared that they come to understand difference in preaching and praying.

The ministry team after a day in Albany NY

The fall season, 2017 promised to be a busy time of sharing the Gospel and evangelizing in some of the colleges I am familiar with, and some that were new to me.  I had been invited to take part in our usual Northeast University tour, but a small group in West Virginia asked if we would come along side of them, on their first ever West Virginia/Virginia college tour. This meant we would not have the opportunity to visit some of the schools in Md. and Va. but there may be another time for them. So the 1st portion of this seasons ministry included the normal N.E. schools; Brown University, University of Rhode Island, UConn, and UMass Boston. September is a great time of the year in New England, but there were some bittersweet memories from previous years, due the loss of the love and hospitality we have always been blessed with in the past. A dear friend, evangelist, husband, and father had always invited to stay at his home in west Haven, Connecticut with his family. When we first met this young man, Cody May, he and his wife were parenting 3 boys they had adopted from Ethiopia. They subsequently adopted 3 more children and then his wife gave birth to a little girl. Last year after I  visited them in November, the entire family ( husband, wife, 4 sons, and three daughters ), moved to Texas, so I knew it was my final Conn. visit with them. Sadly, shortly after they arrived in Texas, and before they even found and purchased a house, Cody drowned in a lake in Texas, leaving his wife to care for their 7 adopted children. The circle of friends quickly  collected money for this young widow to purchase a house, and one of the things I look forward to this Fall is to pay a visit to Kimberly May and her 7 children. They are now living in Kansas; and that would  be a  different portion of this tour. During our time on the UConn campus, one student asked us why Cody had not been to the campus since the previous Fall. We explained to him the sad news of his passing, but we could also tell him of the promise of Eternal Life for those who believe on the Lord Jesus Christ. Leaving New Haven on Friday, where we had preached at the entrance of Yale University, we went in different directions, but would meet by Sunday Afternoon in West Virginia with a family that would host us while we went to the different colleges near to them. Several of us spent Saturday in Carlisle Pa. which allowed for us to worship with the saints on the Lord’s day. Carlisle Pa. is where the U.S. office for “Banner of Truth” books is located, and many of the members of the church we attended are involved with the Banner organization. It also  meant I left with a stack of books, mostly Puritan preachers. On the way  to Pa. I was able to Spend time with some Christians outside of the abortion clinis in Englewood NJ, and afterwards we preached in the downtown area of Jersey City N.J. There is a huge population of Jehovah witnesses in Jersey City, and on Saturday they walk by in droves on their way to a very large kingdom Hall. Our host family had a nice cook out for us when we arrived at their place. Our host was a young man name Jason Saab. He has a burden for the students at the colleges in West Virginia, and has formed an Evangelism group and website. with the name Appalachia Our plans were to spend the next week traveling and preaching at Marshall University, West Virginia University, VT, and UVa. He was most concerned about the students in West Virginia because he had seen some recent videos where some very hostile preachers had been on campus and had insulted everyone. This is sadly true at most of the Southern and Midwest colleges. Different groups come call all of the students sinners and tell them to stop sinning, and point to themselves as sinless. The early church would have called the Pelagians, and would have dealt with them as heretics. All we can do is share the Gospel, and we do so by faith, believing that when God saves someone, it will be a testimony of His great power, even over bad theology. Some at Marshall and quite often at other schools will come up and thank us for not being like the ones who are so harsh, but others would say that even we are too harsh. After all, to grow up in our society in which most everything is acceptable, for someone to quote the Bible as truth and speak of…. sin, is seemingly harsh. To speak of judgment or hell is often unheard of, even where there are campus ministries. Marshall was great. We could tell that many students were waiting around listening to see if we were like the other preachers who had come on their campus. This was also right on the heels of the tragedy in Las Vegas. Many students listened and countless Gospel tracts were distributed, and many many conversations took place. A day of ministry on campus is not just to preach or quote the scripture. Our hope is to get some good Christian literature in the students’ hands so they can take it back to their dorm or apartment, to answer questions, and to have personal conversations. And we pray that after the day is done that may students would be talking about spiritual things. West Virginia was also a good campus. On a previous visit to WVU the students were extremely mean, one young man destroyed a Bible, and a young muslim had to be physically restrained by his friends. This year the students were more apathetic, although one of the men in our group, Jim Hamilton from England ( born and raised in Scotland), preached on the golden calf of evolution and the crowd was awakened. The best part of our ministry there was to connect a WVY student Christian with the men who are in the Appalachian Cry group. We hope this will grow into a Bible study or some discipleship. VT was open for campus Ministry. Jason had called ahead and gotten clearance from the administration. Most of the Va, schools including VT had previously not allowed non-student ministers on campus. Several years ago, a young man that is part of our evangelism team  in Hampton contacted the Christian legal defense organization and asked for their assistance because even as a TNCC student, the college would not allow him to preach on the campus. In short order the ADF sued the Virginia Community college system and the policy was changed not just at TNCC but at all of the public colleges in Va. So at VT it was a new thing for a non-student group to come on campus and share the Gospel. The students there were mostly polite. Like most young people they are stuck in a relativistic, humanistic world view, can’t know if anything is true. The only thing they ware certain about in life is- that the Bible can not be true. UVA. was quite different. They have campus preachers, mostly preachers who  try to argue students into submission with no faith in the Gospel. The students there were apathetic until a homosexual group came out to have their say. Still the Gospel was preached, many heard, Christian literature was distributed. This was not long after the large riot in Charlottesville where one woman was killed in the protest to tear down the statue of Robert E Lee.

The second portion of this tour was to commence two days after we finished in Virginia, and we would meet Friday night in N.J. and stay with a friend and his family in Passaic N.J. For the next week we preached at the Englewood NJ abortion clinic, downtown Newark, Philadelphia, Purchase College in NY, Albany College NY, UConn, Temple University, and East Stroudsburg Pa. On Sunday we went to one of my favorite church families, Bread of Life Fellowship in Wayne NJ.

With the 2nd portion of the tour complete I returned home for just a few days, and by Thursday i was back in Carlisle Pa. to preach and minister at a small college there, Dickinson. While in Pa. a very nice family hosts. Joe Neccerato is a very dear brother to us. He does not feel called to preach, but he is an auto mechanic, and he feels called to work on our vehicles, and absolutely refuses to accept any payment. His work is his his way of taking part in the ministry with us. The team that was together in Pa. was most of the men who would travel to Salem with me. Salem is the one outreach where i get involved with details and lodging, and transportation. Before Salem we preached at Kutztown University in Pa. and finished that week back at East Stroudsburg Pa. Our plans were to meet in Burlington Vt. by Sunday night so that we could preach at University of Vt. on Monday. During that weekend I went with a friend to Penn State University where we preached with amplification to about 50,000 Penn State fans who entered the stadium right in front of us. There were 50,000 fans on the opposite side of the stadium, but we were stationary. The game was against Michigan and all of the Penn State fans were wearing white. In fact, everyone attending that day wore white, as far as I could tell. Worship again with the Bread of Life Fellowship in NJ., then I traveled east to Vermont and met the group there. A great day of preaching at the University of Vermont. May be the largest crowd we had encountered. Preaching on campus in N.E. is a rare thing and may students come to see  what it is all about. After Vermont on Monday, we preached at a small private college not far from Burlington, UMass Amherst, and UConn. On Saturday we preached outside at the Boston Commons. On Sunday I picked up the last member of the team, my friend bobby at the Boston Airport, then we went to worship at a Church near Boston I found using the Nine Marks website. The pastor there was Gordon Loop, and he had spent some time preaching  to the public with the Open Air Campaigners ministry. We had many mutual friends, and he was very happy to see evangelists come and worship with his flock. Sunday was the start of the outreach I had planned for. In Salem we are cared for by a Pastor from a NC Church plant located in Salem Mass. Steven Brock and his family have lived in Salem about 8 years. during his time there he has gone door to door twice. He also goes into the city and preaches during the month of October when thousands come to Salem to be part of the party that will take place there Oct.31 (Halloween). When I first started going to preach at Salem, we would stay in his church building, but the Salem City Council notified him that the building was not zoned for residents. Strangely, he was only renting the 1st floor and a non- Christian family resided on the 2nd floor. Now the pastor kindly blesses us with 3 nights lodging in a hotel not far from Salem. There are only 2 beds but we bring air mattresses and sleeping bags. The Salem event was tense because it took place right after a terrorist attack in NYC where 8 people were killed when a car drove through the crowd. Salem police were expecting 100,000 visitors in town on the 31st. Side streets were blocked off by dump trucks and fire engines. The crowd was in reality much smaller and more tame than previous years. Still, thousands heard the Gospel on a Tuesday. May God be pleased to use the word preached to bring about conviction and repentance and salvation! After Salem most of the team left for home. Bobby would stay with me till Friday and I would take him to the La Guardia Airport in NYC on Friday night. Wednesday and Thursday with a very small team we preached at UMass Lowell, and then Southern Connecticut State University. With a small team I believe we had the best crowds. God blessed us with good weather and good crowds. The students at UMass Lowell sat listening for most of the day, and asking questions. At Southern Conn. it appeared the entire School came out, even some of the professors came to join in. Many students were on our side and many were asking the others to quiet down so that we could be heard. Others were angry at our presence and the homosexual community brought out countless signs touting their acceptance. One professor brought out 2 skulls informing the students that one was “homo sapiens” and the other was “homo erectus”. When challenged he did admit they were only plastic, but he maintained that they were his proof of evolution. Another female professor came out to tell the students that she was sure that the Adam spoken of in Genesis was a homosexual. Most of the students did agree she was incorrect, since he had so many descendants, even all those on campus that day. After leaving the Connecticut school, it truly felt like God was working on the students at Lowell and Southern Conn. So many students came out and many  listened intently and were upset when other students would try to silence us. During the day in Connecticut a young woman ripped my friend’s Bible in half. she was reproved by the police, and almost all of the students were opposed to what she had done, and they said so. Our final day of ministry on this portion of the tour was in NYC. We spent Friday morning outside the abortion clinic in Jamaica Queens NYC. We were the only Christians that day speaking out for  life. Praise God, one young woman chose life. We had her speak on the phone with a Christian lady from a local church. Then we prayed for her and she went off to catch her bus. I continue to hope that her child lives to bless the Lord. Friday afternoon we preached downtown NYC at Union Square. There is always  a crowd there, and generally hostile, but this day many listened and one man asked us to find him a church, because, after he heard us read and preach from the Bible he knew he had to start reading and studying it. Then a bus load of students came and gathered around asking questions until it was time for us to depart. Taking Bobby to La Guardia Airport in NYC on Friday afternoon was the biggest challenge of the tour. But God was kind. I got him to La Guardia in good time and within an hour I had crossed the GW Bridge and made it back into NJ. Praise the Lord  For His Mercy endures forever. This portion of the tour was now finished.

The final leg of the Fall tour would begin in St. Louis Mo. on Sunday afternoon where we would gather with some saints to worship with them inn the afternoon because they share the building with another group which meets in the morning. Pastor Jeff Kirkland is the teaching Elder, and he is also an evangelist, sharing the Gospel at the local university and various other places where the people are. His church provided lodging for our team of 5. On Monday we shared  the Gospel at UMSL. On Tuesday and Wednesday we preached at University of Missouri, and were provided accommodations at the home of Pastor Nathan Rages. The Pastor accompanied us to the campus, and we were also joined by Pastor Charles Leiter and his wife. Charles is the pastor of Lake Road Chapel in Kirksville Missouri. University of Missouri is a huge school and many students stopped to listen although the weather was  starting to get cold. Wednesday night we stayed in Lawrence Kansas, where we met with our dear friend Kimberly May and her 7 children. We surely miss her husband, who perished in a drowning accident earlier this year but is a true blessing to be able to encourage her and to be encouraged by her endurance. Thursday we preached at Kansas University, where the sun was out but the temperature was frigid. This was the final day of this evangelism tour, and the students were not so prone to spend the day outside. But we had quite a few conversations, and we each shared the message that God had placed on our hearts. Jesus Christ, and Him crucified, is the message that commissioned us to share, as ambassadors for Jesus Christ, and to plead on Christ’s behalf, that all men must be reconciled to God. As the day closed, we prayed, and encouraged one another, and then I commenced driving East, and selecting the “home” icon on my GPS. Upon arriving at home and checking the weather and the college schedule, I was privileged to accompany some of the  local Christians nearby and preach at VCU in Richmond. This day started out shaky because there was a film crew at VCU, filming an episode of Showtime’s drama Homeland. We set up at an alternate free speech area, and had a busy morning preaching and conversing with students as they passed by. Later that afternoon when the film crew had departed, we relocated to the normal free speech area. This area is called the “Compass” and by God’s providence within a short while the area was packed with students. VCU is very diverse in culture and extremely liberal in worldview. This was a great conclusion to a season of preaching and sharing the Gospel. I continue to pray that the Holy Spirit will continue working in the thoughts and hearts of all those who heard the truth of the Gospel in these past weeks. I pray knowing that He is mighty to save and he saves to the uttermost. I thank God for these opportunities to share with the unconverted, to encourage the brethren, and grow in faith and love to Jesus Christ.

Sharing the Gospel