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20017 Fall campus/Salem evangelism

Englewood NJ abortion clinic

Newark NJ, Broad and Market St. Jim Hamilton shares the Gospel.

Jersey City NJ. Luis Zapata shares the Gospel.

WVU. Mike Stockwell shares the Gospel.

VT. Jim Hamilton shares the Gospel.

Sharing the gospel at Princeton University after dark, outside the meal houses.

The Gospel was shared at the Philadelphia “Outfest”. However some local professing Christians enable those living godless lives

Even a local Jewish group advocate for sexual impurity

Purchase College in Purchase NY. Gospel preached by Robert Parker

Purchase college. Gospel shared by Tom Mammon. some students gathered to listen, even though there is a steady rain

UConn, Storrs Conn.

UConn crowd begins to grow

UConn crowd often gets quite large. many listen, many disagree, some stay all afternoon

University of Albany, Albany NY. At this college the administration erects  a barrier for free speech, which includes a podium for the speaker.

Robert Gray shares Gospel at University of Albany

Tom Mammon, youngest member of our group shares the Gospel

East Stroudsburg University

Sharing the Gospel in Happy valet before The Penn state Michigan game

Shawn Holes shares the Gospel, asking the students, ” if he was dying from a wound, how he be assured of heaven.

Black Hebrew Israelites on corner of Broad and market Street Newark NJ


Beaver Stadium Penn state. As we preach, 50,000 fans in white pass by

Shawn Holes shares the Gospel to a large crowd at University of Vermont

UMass Amheerst

University of Albany. Making use of the podium they provide for public speakers

Kutztown University, Kutztown Pa. Keith Darrell shares the Gospel.

East Stroudsburg University, East Stroudsburg Pa.

UVM, University of Vermont, Burlington Vt.

A personal note one of the students passed to us. We hope that by the end of the day enough truth will shared that they come to understand difference in preaching and praying.

The ministry team after a day in Albany NY

The fall season, 2017 promised to be a busy time of sharing the Gospel and evangelizing in some of the colleges I am familiar with, and some that were new to me.  I had been invited to take part in our usual Northeast University tour, but a small group in West Virginia asked if we would come along side of them, on their first ever West Virginia/Virginia college tour. This meant we would not have the opportunity to visit some of the schools in Md. and Va. but there may be another time for them. So the 1st portion of this seasons ministry included the normal N.E. schools; Brown University, University of Rhode Island, UConn, and UMass Boston. September is a great time of the year in New England, but there were some bittersweet memories from previous years, due the loss of the love and hospitality we have always been blessed with in the past. A dear friend, evangelist, husband, and father had always invited to stay at his home in west Haven, Connecticut with his family. When we first met this young man, Cody May, he and his wife were parenting 3 boys they had adopted from Ethiopia. They subsequently adopted 3 more children and then his wife gave birth to a little girl. Last year after I  visited them in November, the entire family ( husband, wife, 4 sons, and three daughters ), moved to Texas, so I knew it was my final Conn. visit with them. Sadly, shortly after they arrived in Texas, and before they even found and purchased a house, Cody drowned in a lake in Texas, leaving his wife to care for their 7 adopted children. The circle of friends quickly  collected money for this young widow to purchase a house, and one of the things I look forward to this Fall is to pay a visit to Kimberly May and her 7 children. They are now living in Kansas; and that would  be a  different portion of this tour. During our time on the UConn campus, one student asked us why Cody had not been to the campus since the previous Fall. We explained to him the sad news of his passing, but we could also tell him of the promise of Eternal Life for those who believe on the Lord Jesus Christ. Leaving New Haven on Friday, where we had preached at the entrance of Yale University, we went in different directions, but would meet by Sunday Afternoon in West Virginia with a family that would host us while we went to the different colleges near to them. Several of us spent Saturday in Carlisle Pa. which allowed for us to worship with the saints on the Lord’s day. Carlisle Pa. is where the U.S. office for “Banner of Truth” books is located, and many of the members of the church we attended are involved with the Banner organization. It also  meant I left with a stack of books, mostly Puritan preachers. On the way  to Pa. I was able to Spend time with some Christians outside of the abortion clinis in Englewood NJ, and afterwards we preached in the downtown area of Jersey City N.J. There is a huge population of Jehovah witnesses in Jersey City, and on Saturday they walk by in droves on their way to a very large kingdom Hall. Our host family had a nice cook out for us when we arrived at their place. Our host was a young man name Jason Saab. He has a burden for the students at the colleges in West Virginia, and has formed an Evangelism group and website. with the name Appalachia Our plans were to spend the next week traveling and preaching at Marshall University, West Virginia University, VT, and UVa. He was most concerned about the students in West Virginia because he had seen some recent videos where some very hostile preachers had been on campus and had insulted everyone. This is sadly true at most of the Southern and Midwest colleges. Different groups come call all of the students sinners and tell them to stop sinning, and point to themselves as sinless. The early church would have called the Pelagians, and would have dealt with them as heretics. All we can do is share the Gospel, and we do so by faith, believing that when God saves someone, it will be a testimony of His great power, even over bad theology. Some at Marshall and quite often at other schools will come up and thank us for not being like the ones who are so harsh, but others would say that even we are too harsh. After all, to grow up in our society in which most everything is acceptable, for someone to quote the Bible as truth and speak of…. sin, is seemingly harsh. To speak of judgment or hell is often unheard of, even where there are campus ministries. Marshall was great. We could tell that many students were waiting around listening to see if we were like the other preachers who had come on their campus. This was also right on the heels of the tragedy in Las Vegas. Many students listened and countless Gospel tracts were distributed, and many many conversations took place. A day of ministry on campus is not just to preach or quote the scripture. Our hope is to get some good Christian literature in the students’ hands so they can take it back to their dorm or apartment, to answer questions, and to have personal conversations. And we pray that after the day is done that may students would be talking about spiritual things. West Virginia was also a good campus. On a previous visit to WVU the students were extremely mean, one young man destroyed a Bible, and a young muslim had to be physically restrained by his friends. This year the students were more apathetic, although one of the men in our group, Jim Hamilton from England ( born and raised in Scotland), preached on the golden calf of evolution and the crowd was awakened. The best part of our ministry there was to connect a WVY student Christian with the men who are in the Appalachian Cry group. We hope this will grow into a Bible study or some discipleship. VT was open for campus Ministry. Jason had called ahead and gotten clearance from the administration. Most of the Va, schools including VT had previously not allowed non-student ministers on campus. Several years ago, a young man that is part of our evangelism team  in Hampton contacted the Christian legal defense organization and asked for their assistance because even as a TNCC student, the college would not allow him to preach on the campus. In short order the ADF sued the Virginia Community college system and the policy was changed not just at TNCC but at all of the public colleges in Va. So at VT it was a new thing for a non-student group to come on campus and share the Gospel. The students there were mostly polite. Like most young people they are stuck in a relativistic, humanistic world view, can’t know if anything is true. The only thing they ware certain about in life is- that the Bible can not be true. UVA. was quite different. They have campus preachers, mostly preachers who  try to argue students into submission with no faith in the Gospel. The students there were apathetic until a homosexual group came out to have their say. Still the Gospel was preached, many heard, Christian literature was distributed. This was not long after the large riot in Charlottesville where one woman was killed in the protest to tear down the statue of Robert E Lee.

The second portion of this tour was to commence two days after we finished in Virginia, and we would meet Friday night in N.J. and stay with a friend and his family in Passaic N.J. For the next week we preached at the Englewood NJ abortion clinic, downtown Newark, Philadelphia, Purchase College in NY, Albany College NY, UConn, Temple University, and East Stroudsburg Pa. On Sunday we went to one of my favorite church families, Bread of Life Fellowship in Wayne NJ.

With the 2nd portion of the tour complete I returned home for just a few days, and by Thursday i was back in Carlisle Pa. to preach and minister at a small college there, Dickinson. While in Pa. a very nice family hosts. Joe Neccerato is a very dear brother to us. He does not feel called to preach, but he is an auto mechanic, and he feels called to work on our vehicles, and absolutely refuses to accept any payment. His work is his his way of taking part in the ministry with us. The team that was together in Pa. was most of the men who would travel to Salem with me. Salem is the one outreach where i get involved with details and lodging, and transportation. Before Salem we preached at Kutztown University in Pa. and finished that week back at East Stroudsburg Pa. Our plans were to meet in Burlington Vt. by Sunday night so that we could preach at University of Vt. on Monday. During that weekend I went with a friend to Penn State University where we preached with amplification to about 50,000 Penn State fans who entered the stadium right in front of us. There were 50,000 fans on the opposite side of the stadium, but we were stationary. The game was against Michigan and all of the Penn State fans were wearing white. In fact, everyone attending that day wore white, as far as I could tell. Worship again with the Bread of Life Fellowship in NJ., then I traveled east to Vermont and met the group there. A great day of preaching at the University of Vermont. May be the largest crowd we had encountered. Preaching on campus in N.E. is a rare thing and may students come to see  what it is all about. After Vermont on Monday, we preached at a small private college not far from Burlington, UMass Amherst, and UConn. On Saturday we preached outside at the Boston Commons. On Sunday I picked up the last member of the team, my friend bobby at the Boston Airport, then we went to worship at a Church near Boston I found using the Nine Marks website. The pastor there was Gordon Loop, and he had spent some time preaching  to the public with the Open Air Campaigners ministry. We had many mutual friends, and he was very happy to see evangelists come and worship with his flock. Sunday was the start of the outreach I had planned for. In Salem we are cared for by a Pastor from a NC Church plant located in Salem Mass. Steven Brock and his family have lived in Salem about 8 years. during his time there he has gone door to door twice. He also goes into the city and preaches during the month of October when thousands come to Salem to be part of the party that will take place there Oct.31 (Halloween). When I first started going to preach at Salem, we would stay in his church building, but the Salem City Council notified him that the building was not zoned for residents. Strangely, he was only renting the 1st floor and a non- Christian family resided on the 2nd floor. Now the pastor kindly blesses us with 3 nights lodging in a hotel not far from Salem. There are only 2 beds but we bring air mattresses and sleeping bags. The Salem event was tense because it took place right after a terrorist attack in NYC where 8 people were killed when a car drove through the crowd. Salem police were expecting 100,000 visitors in town on the 31st. Side streets were blocked off by dump trucks and fire engines. The crowd was in reality much smaller and more tame than previous years. Still, thousands heard the Gospel on a Tuesday. May God be pleased to use the word preached to bring about conviction and repentance and salvation! After Salem most of the team left for home. Bobby would stay with me till Friday and I would take him to the La Guardia Airport in NYC on Friday night. Wednesday and Thursday with a very small team we preached at UMass Lowell, and then Southern Connecticut State University. With a small team I believe we had the best crowds. God blessed us with good weather and good crowds. The students at UMass Lowell sat listening for most of the day, and asking questions. At Southern Conn. it appeared the entire School came out, even some of the professors came to join in. Many students were on our side and many were asking the others to quiet down so that we could be heard. Others were angry at our presence and the homosexual community brought out countless signs touting their acceptance. One professor brought out 2 skulls informing the students that one was “homo sapiens” and the other was “homo erectus”. When challenged he did admit they were only plastic, but he maintained that they were his proof of evolution. Another female professor came out to tell the students that she was sure that the Adam spoken of in Genesis was a homosexual. Most of the students did agree she was incorrect, since he had so many descendants, even all those on campus that day. After leaving the Connecticut school, it truly felt like God was working on the students at Lowell and Southern Conn. So many students came out and many  listened intently and were upset when other students would try to silence us. During the day in Connecticut a young woman ripped my friend’s Bible in half. she was reproved by the police, and almost all of the students were opposed to what she had done, and they said so. Our final day of ministry on this portion of the tour was in NYC. We spent Friday morning outside the abortion clinic in Jamaica Queens NYC. We were the only Christians that day speaking out for  life. Praise God, one young woman chose life. We had her speak on the phone with a Christian lady from a local church. Then we prayed for her and she went off to catch her bus. I continue to hope that her child lives to bless the Lord. Friday afternoon we preached downtown NYC at Union Square. There is always  a crowd there, and generally hostile, but this day many listened and one man asked us to find him a church, because, after he heard us read and preach from the Bible he knew he had to start reading and studying it. Then a bus load of students came and gathered around asking questions until it was time for us to depart. Taking Bobby to La Guardia Airport in NYC on Friday afternoon was the biggest challenge of the tour. But God was kind. I got him to La Guardia in good time and within an hour I had crossed the GW Bridge and made it back into NJ. Praise the Lord  For His Mercy endures forever. This portion of the tour was now finished.

The final leg of the Fall tour would begin in St. Louis Mo. on Sunday afternoon where we would gather with some saints to worship with them. They start late afternoon because they share the building with another group which meets in the morning.F475580422852{background-position: center !important;background-repeat: no-repeat !important;background-size: cover !important;}”]

Ocean Swimming

Bicycle Tour

Flowers and Pots


Art Exhibition of City

An art museum or art gallery is a building or space for the exhibition of art, usually visual art. Museums can be public or private, but what distinguishes a museum is the ownership of a collection. Although primarily concerned with providing a space to show works of visual art, art galleries are sometimes used to host other artistic activities, such as performance arts, music concerts, or poetry readings.

The term is used for both public galleries, which are non-profit or publicly owned museums that display selected collections of art. On the other hand, private galleries refers to the commercial enterprises for the sale of art. However, both types of gallery may host traveling exhibits or temporary exhibitions including art borrowed from elsewhere.

Can you handle the truth ?

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Sharing the Gospel

2017 UK tour, England Wales, Ireland

I left home to participate in a 6 week ministry and preaching outreach in the United Kingdom, leaving mid June and returning July 22. For the initial 2 weeks I traveled with a team invited by my friend and Co- laborer for the Gospel sake, Dale Mcalpine. We were blessed to be hosted and were able to sleep in the Birmingham Free Baptist Church, where Pastor Larry Curtis works to feed his flock, and frequently brings in groups of young people in hopes that many might come to faith. During this 2 week period, we traveled daily and preached in Birmingham, Oxford, Cambridge, Leicester, Nottingham, Manchester, Lincoln.
When that portion of the mission was complete, I traveled South to Bristol, to encourage my friends Mike Stockwell and Mike Overd, as they were scheduled to appear at the Bristol Court of Appeals. Last year about this time, 4 preachers were arrested for preaching in Bristol and mike and mike were declared guilty at the initial criminal court. They had an excellent legal team provided for by the Christian Concern ministry in England, and in answer to prayers around the world, both men were found “Not guilty” at the appeals hearing.
Once the trial was complete, Myself, Mike Stockwell, and Robert Gray, traveled by train to Swansea Wales to minister and preach in the Southern towns of Cardiff and Swansea. Wales is a favorite place for me to preach, and I have read and studied the rich history of how an awakening occurred in this agricultural and backwoods country during the days of George Whitefield, Howell Harris, Daniel Rowlands, Griffith Jones. John Wesley visited and preached in Wales, but his Wesleyan arminianism was not accepted in Wales, so there was a more pure Calvinist Methodist doctrine, without all the debates over entire sanctification and eternal security. And unlike the preaching in the metropolis of London and Bristol in England, when there would be thousands to hear the preaching in Wales; it would be families who had traveled by wagon or horseback to hear the preaching. Our start in Wales was a little shaky. Initially I had been invited by editor of the Christian Voice Newspaper to stay at his place; but as it turned out, his place is far from the towns of Swansea and Cardiff. Next I applied to the Christian Seminary in Brigend, which was where I had stayed previously. I then called a good friend, James Waddwll and asked about lodging for 3 men. James was able to secure for us a 5 night stay at a Christian retreat house, located in South Gower, one of the most beautiful locations in Wales. When our time in Wales had ended, we said goodbye to James and traveled by train, bus, and ferry to the city of Dublin, Ireland. In Ireland we were provided for by our friend Desmond Smyth and his wife; we were blessed to preach in Belfast and in Dublin.
For our final week, we traveled by ferry, bus, and train back to Northern England, to the area of Cumbria, and were reunited with Dale Mcalpine for the final week, preaching in Keswick, Carlisle, and Kendal. There is much more that could be said, but our hope and our prayers are that God would awaken many to the truth of the Gospel, that we were an encouragement to the believers there, and that we walked in the works that God had prepared for us, we fought a good fight, we finished the course set before us. We walked by faith, believing that now is the accepted time and now may be the day for many to be saved. And God answered our prayers, provided for us, protected us, and brought us back safely. He has truly done all we have asked and even beyond what we asked. I give God and my Lord Jesus all the glory, and honor, and thanksgiving. There is no God besides Him that I desire and no one on earth I seek after. He is glorious in holiness; so then, come let us adore Him and exalt His name together.

Shrewsbury is the birthplace of Charles Darwin. When I asked a nice young man to take a photo, I also asked him who was the most famous man from Shrewsbury; without hesitation he answered “Darwin”

A Christian mother and daughter had traveled long and prayed much for a victorious outcome in the Bristol Court of Appeals. God answered their prayers and the prayers of many. NOT GUILTY was the answer

A young Muslim man in Birmingham, keeping his identity hidden

A prominent restaurant in Oxford, not that the name is appealing

Leicester England is a favorite for Roman Catholics to go and consider Mary, the mother of Jesus; Not so much mention of Jesus here.

We proclaim the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords, Jesus Christ

This young man in Oxford carried a portable personal circle; so that when needed he could assemble it and then sit peacefully in his own little circle

Martyrs Memorial Monument in Oxford. Bishops Ridley, Latimer, and Thomas Cranmer, burned at the stake near here, 1555

An unusual sign posted in Birmingham. where acceptance is most often enforced

The Christian retreat center offered us a 4 day scholarship in Swansea Wales, located in South Gower, one of the most picturesque spots in Wales

The path leading from the retreat center down to the beach in South Gower

The beach in Wales near our lodging, located near the three cliffs Bay

Many in Cardiff Wales stopped to listen, but there were mockers and scoffers, who spent their afternoon, wanting to receive attention

Our team in Wales, our friend James Waddell, 3rd from right worked to get us lodging in Wales, he is a dear brother and are thankful for his help and hospitality

A sunset was on display as we traveled by Ferry from Wales to Dublin

Wales is a country of few vowels, and they use a “W’ as a vowel when necessary

Our first visit to preach in Belfast. Much different than Dublin. A people so proud to be thought of as Protestant. We pray one day many might become born again; Christians.

Keswick, our final destination this year for preaching. Keswick has been the home of a Christian conference here for many years. Sadly, the townspeople are not much included, and the Christians don’t share the Gospel much in the town.

The young man with long hair is a professing atheist, come to Birmingham to debate with the Muslims, who set up their displays and play their music at the Bull Ring, town center

This was a winsome and joyous man in Birmingham. He never said a word, but he never took a break from dancing and rejoicing

My friend Mike Overd preaching in Glastonbury England. A town known for witchcraft and paganism, much like Salem Mass. in U>S>

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Israel 2017

israel2017 (2)

on the Mount of Olives, this horse was grazing and waiting. Whether its color was gray, white, or pale, I could not discern

israel2017 (9)

Mordechai, a anti-missionary makes his presence known

israel2017 (4)

This sermon preached from the summit of Mt. Olives could be heard and recorded at least a mile away, at the Eastern wall of the Old City

israel2017 (14)

Graves and dried bones. The Holy Spirit quickens, the flesh profits nothing

israel2017 (47)

The Western wall, often called wailing wall. Perhaps wail becuae the presence of God has departed. The temple of God is with men

israel2017 (49)

Jesus said of the temple ( not the wall ) no stone would be left standing

israel2017 (52)

Tel Aviv a metropolis given over to sin

israel2017 (53)

A craftsman sells his spices

israel2017 (55)

The temple mount, nothing remains but the presence of Isslam. No Bibles, tracts, not even non-Islamic prayer allowed her

israel2017 (59)

From the temple mount the Eastern gate is accessible. Even tough these walls and gates were built by Muslims, they close off the gate in case the messiah returns through this gate. Beyond this gate id the Mt. of Olives.

israel2017 (62)

looking out from Eastern gate upon the Mt of Olives. In the center the Church of all nations, a catholic relic being a stone inside in which they claim Jesus laid prostrate, consenting to the will of His father.


A catholic family from India showing hospitality not so often shown to strangers even in the civilized west. They were delighted that we accepted their invitation.


Our team leader, Dan Journey holds and prays for this baby, maybe remembering his 4 children still in Indian awaiting a green card for his wife, so they may be reunited in America


The parents of the twin boys, professing to be catholic. Her name is, of course, Maris. His name I could not pronounce


Jerusalem Baptist Church. Like them on face book, pray for them, especially Oastor Al Nucciaarone

israel2017 (5)

This a photo of preaching at the Damascus gate, right across the street from the Palestinian Hostel where we stayed

israel2017 (31)israel2017 (28)israel2017 (29)israel2017 (30)israel2017 (33)israel2017 (32)israel2017 (34)israel2017 (2)israel2017 (36)israel2017 (37)israel2017 (39)IMG_6090IMG_6091IMG_6092IMG_6093IMG_6092IMG_6108IMG_6093IMG_6098IMG_6100IMG_6102israel2017 (16)IMG_6089israel2017 (1)israel2017 (10)israel2017 (8)israel2017 (7)israel2017 (6)israel2017 (11)israel2017 (12)israel2017 (13)israel2017 (15)israel2017 (17)israel2017 (19)israel2017 (20)israel2017 (21)israel2017 (23)israel2017 (24)israel2017 (25)israel2017 (26)israel2017 (27)israel2017 (40)israel2017 (41)israel2017 (46)israel2017 (42)israel2017 (43)israel2017 (44)israel2017 (46)israel2017 (48)israel2017 (50)israel2017 (54)israel2017 (56)israel2017 (58)israel2017 (57)israel2017 (60)israel2017 (63)israel2017 (64)israel2017 (65)israel2017 (66)israel2017 (70)IMG_6090IMG_6067israel2017 (1)Greetings. Our team has assembled in Jerusalem; 7 Christian men; from Cal., Minn., NC, Md.,Ireland, and our team leader is an American who has been living in India for seven years. We are once again checked into a hostel located across the street from the Damascus Gate. We also loaded up on NT’s many of which were donated by the Jerusalem Baptist Church. This past week we have been blessed to share the Gospel in jJerusalem, Tiberias, Capernaum, and Eliot. The visit by president Trump provided several large crowds for our evangelism . We have also taken the opportunity to visit with the saints at the Jerusalem Baptist church, and to spend some times at the Garden tomb. My friend from Ireland leaves tomorrow. The team will miss him, but I hope to see him in July at his home in Ireland. It has been a very busy week here; president visited 2 days, the Jerusalem day celebrating their victory 50 years ago, and now Ramadan starts this week

As we commenced the final week, some more of the team departed for their homes and families. It was a challenge to travel any distance during Ramadan and the Jewish Shabot, and then the Jewish festival of Shauvuot, or the Festival of Weeks, First Fruits  mentioned in the Bible in Leviticus; and commanded of all Israelites in : Ex 23.14 and Dt 16.16. This takes place 50 days after Passover, hence Christians refer to it as Pentecost; the ordained time in which the Holy Spirit was poured out. In our day the practicing Jewish people in Jerusalem and some who travel there for the occasion do not go to a temple where the presence of God is to worship and offer sacrifices of their first fruits. Instead, they take the day off from Sundown till sundown, eat dairy products, hopefully spend some quiet time and then gather before a wall which may have been a part of the surrounding support for the temple mount. The temple itself no longer exists. They dance around in circles holding and kissing the Torah, for this festival marks the anniversary of the oracles of God being given to Moses for his people. This then would be  celebration of the kindness of God. The wisdom of God was demonstrated by providing atonement for failing to perfectly keep Torah; hence the Torah shows all men the need of atonement, and Jesus Christ, by which those who believe upon Him are sanctified through the offering of His body once for all. If the Jewish people had continued to hold fast to the Torah and the prophets; they may have seen the emptiness of their traditions. And it could be shown to them by what God had revealed in His Written Word how we have all fallen short of His righteousness. Sadly, for almost 2,000 years their Rabbi’s have been writing and rewriting the Talmud and the Mishnah which they claim was also given to Moses but never written down until after Christ’s visitation to them. So now they teach and learn from Rabbi’s who proclaim a false message, which excludes a need for atonement, a blood sacrifice, and most importantly falls so short of the Righteousness of God. And if our Gospel is veiled, it is veiled to them who are perishing. In their case the god of this world has blinded the minds of the unbelievers, to keep them from seeing the light of the gospel of the glory of Christ, who is the image of God. { Please see in this the need for Christians to pray for their deliverance and to share the truth with them. SO many Christians think it improper to evangelize to the Jewish people in Israel, thinking God will bring about their salvation in some other way; a false gospel }

As some of the brethren were scheduled to leave from Tel Aviv, our hope was to take an inexpensive bus from the Bus Depot in downtown Jerusalem to the airport in Tel Aviv ( 60 minute drive). Because of the luggage, we took a taxi to the bus depot only to find out that no busses or trains operated during that 24 hour period. Our backup plan was to take a Sherut Bus to the airport. These busses are operated by Palestinians and they charge per person and don’t leave until every seat is filled; cheaper than a taxi, but the total for 6 men added together is more than we wanted to pay. Sadly, because of Ramadan, the Sherut busses were not running either, so we asked several taxi drivers until a price war worked in our favor and we arrived without problem. The remaining 4 members on the team spent some time ministering in Tel Aviv. The metropolis of this city is filled with rainbow flags and posters celebrating homosexuality. Many of the businesses drape their entrance in rainbows to demonstrate the acceptance there of that which is not accepted by God. It is also a very apathetic city like NYC or London, so we hired a taxi and went to a distressed part of the city where many refugees from many nations dwell, and not so many religious Jewish men and women. Just as it was in the day of Jesus, the poor and downtrodden were more receptive, listening and receiving literature. While ministering  that night we were befriended by a man from India, who insisted that we have dinner at his place. He agreed with the message we preached, but was not yet converted as evidenced by his fruit. The leader of our group has lived in India for the past 7 years until being deported earlier this year because of his preaching, and  wife and children remain in India and his burden for the people of India is great. We visited with this young man from Tel Aviv and his family, and some of the photos here displayed were taken on this evening. This man, his sister, his sister’s husband, and 2 twin baby boys live in an one bedroom apartment with a small kitchen. So this night 4 Americans joined with a family from India in a small bedroom to share a meal. pray and share the Gospel. The family professed to be catholic, but were adding it to many of their traditions. We thanked them and shared the truth in love with them, then returned to our hostel in Jerusalem.

Another character in this post is a man who confronted us from the first day, claiming to be a member of an anti-missionary group in Jerusalem called ‘ Yad L Achim”. Wherever we went in Jerusalem he would find us, and continually be doing something with his phone; calling for backup or videoing., or just be loud and annoying. We shared the Gospel with him and spoke of our love for him and the Jewish people ( which he denied ). But on one of our last days there he sat down at a table  while we had lunch and made know to us that his name was Mordechai, he was from Greece, and he had read the new testament in Greek several times. He would not let us buy him any food or a drink, but he had truly softened in his behavior toward us. The family in India and Mordechai are a big reason for sharing the Gospel even when you don’t see conversions the way Peter, and Phillip, and Paul did. If their heart has been softened and a seed planted, We praise the Lord and we continue to pray for these souls. Too quickly the time to depart arrived. I thank God for all this He has provided. Many Christians are exceeding thankful for being saved from judgment and acknowledge it is only by God’s grace through faith, but many are not so quick to be mindful and thankful that: 1. we are His workmanship 2. we are created in Christ Jesus for good works 3. these good works God has prepared for us beforehand 4. we should walk in them, but let us be thankful that He has prepared a work for all He has saved. Even the thief on the cross had a testimony which glorifies Jesus 2,000 years and beyond. What work has He prepared for you will be found in His Word and revealed by His Spirit. Christ has suffered and risen from the dead on the third day: and that repentance and remission  of sins should be preached in His name among all nations, beginning at Jerusalem.

And as a Christian indwelt by the Spirit of God, you are to be witnesses of these things. May  things be done for His glory and honor. At the end of your journey may His testimony be about you that: you did… what you could.

to view some of the preaching by different members of the team, try this link.

2017 Jamaica


Another year has come and gone, and once again we bring Good Tidings of great joy to the people of Jamaica. Romans 10:14-15 (ESV)
14  How then will they call on him in whom they have not believed? And how are they to believe in him of whom they have never heard? And how are they to hear without someone preaching?
15  And how are they to preach unless they are sent? As it is written, “How beautiful are the feet of those who preach the good news!”

We arrived in Montego Bay Jamaica the afternoon of Jan 3, 2017. I arrived in Jamaica by way of Athens, Ga. where I preached the Gospel with some friends downtown on New Years Eve. What a blessing and an encouragement to share the Good News with young adults, mostly students attending University of Ga.and to hear the sound of fiery, yet compassionate preaching, warning, and pleading for souls to come to Christ. Along with my friend and host, Bobby McCrery, and some other members of the evangelism team in Athens, we were also joined by 3 men finishing up their final years at a seminary in South Carolina. I also stopped in Orlando to visit with my dear friend John Baros. John has been blessed by God with a tremendous burden for the babies brought to the abortion clinic in Orlando, OWC, and for the mothers. And God moves there often, working in the hearts of those who hear his message
In Jamaica the  mission trip is organized by my friends, Mike and Robert, who call their ministry “Cross Country Evangelism”. They have been kind enough to invite me, and it is a privilege to  minister alongside them. They invite Christians, seasoned evangelists, or sometimes someone who wants to get involved in evangelism and learn. A large part of their ministry is encouraging and teaching others how to share their faith in obedience to the will of God and for the glory of the name of Jesus. As in past years, our main base is in Montego Bay, at the most reasonably priced hotel we have found. Jamaica has always been and is increasing at an alarming pace; a dangerous place. In daylight hours and popular areas there is some semblance of safety and order, and If your knowledge of the country is obtained from a tourist website, you might be convinced that by being reasonably cautious, you could avoid real danger. On the island however, you can hear or read the local news, and there is an entirely different picture. On an island with a little more than 1 million people, there were 35 murders committed by January 15, 2017. Last year there were more than 1300 murders in Jamaica; no longer only in large cities like Kingston, but all over the country. So while there, we exercise caution and more importantly we pray and trust in the Lord. And we thank God for those that support us and pray for us. And we thank God that we all returned safe but tired, and testifying to the faithfulness of God. The team in Jamaica included about 12 different members, some arriving, some leaving on different days. There were mostly men and a few women from Canada, England, Texas, North Carolina, New York, Colorado, and of course Va. While there we traveled and shared the Gospel in Montego Bay, Falmouth, Ocho Rios, St. Lucea, Negril, Savannah La Mar. In addition to much preaching and conversations beyond numbering, we distributed approximately 200 pds of Bible
( 100 Bibles ). Bible are in great demand in Jamaica, despite so many building where people meet for religious purposes; even 1000 Bibles would not meet the demand. The predominant religion in Jamaica is Seventh Day Adventists. The teaching in this church is rooted in the teaching of Ellen G White, and it may be that Bibles are not available because of the deviations in the Adventist doctrines compared to the Bible. Rastafarians and black Hebrew Israelites are also increasing. The Gospel is the power of God unto salvation for those who believe; hence  the groups like the Adventists are helpless when contending other false religions. They may have an appearance of religion and a list of rules, but with no Gospel, No regeneration, and no Holy Spirit, they will ultimately fall. Our favorite spot to set up and preach is in Montego Bay at Sam Sharpe’s Square. A photo of his statue and the plaque describing his life is included below. He is their 1st national hero and he is pictured on their currency. Ironically, in addition to being a slave, he was a lay-deacon at Burchell Baptist Church, which still exists; located several blocks from his statue. So while all the strange religions there denounce Christianity, Sunday worship, and faith in Jesus Christ, Sam’s statue remains; a statue of him preaching to a small group with Bible in hand. The life and death of Mr. Sharpe were instrumental in bringing an end to slavery in England and in Jamaica. Though he was executed for his part in a slave riot in 1832, slavery was abolished in 1835; even 30 years before America ended slavery. The slavery that now exists in Jamaica is quite similar to all men in all countries; ” sin “. So we preach the Gospel by faith, with love, and prayer; Asking God to set the captives free. We preach to the poor, the homeless, the sick, the lame, demon?possessed. The tourists from America and Europe seldom stop to listen, and often will not even receive a free Gospel tract. But the Jamaicans will listen, and converse, and read, and ask for payer. Very few profess to be atheists, evolution is not taught in public schools, and abortion and homosexuality are not promoted or applauded. We have not yet found a Bible-believing church there. Adventists, JW’s, Oneness Pentecostals, prosperity & wealth, etc. are plentiful. They teach that ultimately each person’s salvation is based on some external action they have partaken of, rather than the work of God  in their heart. We pray that the Gospel that we preached there would now be watered by the Holy Spirit. We pray that the enemy would not steal the precious seed of God’s Word. We pray that God would be pleased to save souls there; that His name would be honored there, and Jesus would receive the reward of His suffering. May it be that John’s vision of every nation, tribe, and language would include many; singing their praise in Patois, the dialect most often heard in Jamaica.



The God Gap

The bad news

The good new

Saved by the Gospel of Grace

“I got humbled…” Saved from sin, assured of Salvation

Preaching throughout UK 2016

This year by the mercies and grace of God I was able to travel back to the UK and meet with some men from America and some from England, Scotland, and Ireland to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We arrived in Manchester, then drove to our home for the 1st two weeks, The Birmingham Free Baptist Church. The pastor there was kind enough to allow us to sleep, shower, pray, and fellowship there. While staying at the church at night, we traveled and preached at Birmingham, Oxford, Cambridge, Nottingham, Lincoln, and Leicester. Many, many people stopped to listen or make a comment. Many Christians were encouraged, many non believers were stirred up, and sadly some who professed a faith in Christ were opposed to sharing the Gospel outside of church when it wasn’t even Sunday. We encountered countless who claimed to be Christian yet were not opposed to sin, claiming that Jesus died for all or for them, so that they could sin with no guilt, fear or shame. Sadly, many of the churches in the UK have compromised with the world and are no longer a light in the darkness. But the Gospel is the power of God unto salvation, and the Holy Spirit convinces of sin, and the blood of Jesus still cleanses from sin, delivering  those who repent and believe upon Him. We said farewell to some of the brethren; some of whom returned to the US, and others returned to their ministries in the UK. My friends Mike Stockwell and Robert Gray and myself next traveled to London where we were treated with great hospitality by a family from Grace Life Church London. We met and ministered with 3 Americans. While in London we were privileged to preach at Leicester Square, Piccadilly Circus, Trafalgar Square, Barking, Elephant and Castle, and Wimbledon. The family we stayed with lived in East Ham. We reasoned with the local muslims daily in East Ham, as we walked from the subway to the home where we stayed, and one day because of our interaction with the muslims, we were invited by some Christians from India to share a message. Their meeting place was directly above the spot where the muslims distributed their literature and where we would speak the truth of the gospel to them. To confront muslims about the truth of the Bible and the inconsistencies in the Quran and Islam is a rare thing in England. Strangely, we never encountered a muslim who could read Arabic, so they all had English bibles and Qurans; and then they wanted to say the Bible was corrupted through translation. They also will take issue with the New Testament being written by the Apostles and not Jesus. ( they have not even heard that there is a Holy Spirit ) When confronted with the truth that their prophet could not read or write,  they change the subject rather than acknowledge that their Quran was written by men and not their prophet. They also have notes with which they attempt to discredit the Bible, and often they have their way with the local Christians who are not really sure what the Bible says or means. While sharing the Gospel in London, we had an opportunity to preach at Trafalgar Square during a gay-pride parade/festival. This was a very highly emotionally charged crowd. By God’s providence we were protected by police. We don’t preach that homosexual sin is different in nature than other sins. All sin is an issue from the human heart, although the Bible does state that sexual sins are more injurious than others which are more eternal to our bodies. But we do preach about the marriage relationship and how a husband and wife become one flesh spiritually. Like America, homosexuality has become a treasured idol, and to speak against it is to be labeled a hater. We were able to worship with the saints at Grace Life London Church twice. This is a wonderful gathering of believers who come together in love, teaching and preaching, learning, and serving one another. as some more of our friends from America returned home, Mike and Myself traveled south to Taunton and Bristol, where we were hosted by a Christian couple. We were shown much kindness by Mike Overd and his wife Rachel. Mike consistently preaches on the streets of his home in Taunton. He has been arrested twice and found not guilty each time, because the Bible is the truth with which he confronts the world, declaring that Jesus did not come to condemn the world, but that world might be saved by Him. Just an honest objective look should leave no doubts that the world is already presently under condemnation, and a look in the mirror preaches to each of us that we are aging and our life will soon end, and the Bible declares that after death is judgment. On what was to be our final day with Mike we left the small town of Tauntom and went with him to one of the larger cities in England, Bristol. Bristol was a famous spot for open air preaching and huge crowds would gather to hear George Whitefield, John Wesley, and Howell Harris preach. We prayed this day for a crowd and preached near to the Wesley Chapel where there is located a statue of Mr. Wesley on his horse, in memory of his itinerant preaching career. The Lord answered our prayers and a large crowd gathered. We each preached the Gospel and answered questions pertaining to sin, judgment, islam, sexual immorality, and salvation. Eventually some police arrived on horseback, and unlike all the police we had met with all over England, they arrested all 4 of us, then later bailed us out freely. Mike and I traveled to Ireland and preached there while waiting for a disposition on our arrest. We returned to Bristol to meet with police and were represented by a Christian Ministry which deals with Christian legal matters. The organization Christian Concerns freely took our case and met with authorities. After our meeting, I was informed thay I had not yet been charged with any crime, was free to return to the US, and would be contacted in 4 to 6 months if the Crown  prosecutor decided a law had been broken. Clearly the law is administered differently in the UK. Mike and I then traveled North to visit our friend Dale, in Workington. While staying with Dale we preached in the town of Keswick during the week when the Christian conference there was ongoing. Keswick was once home to an annual conference where Godly men and women would gather and hear from preachers and teachers, who taught from the Bible and made known great Biblical truths. Sadly, the convention has become a reflection of the popular churches in the UK. Much praise and fellowship, but comfortable, feel-good messages and sound-bytes. We preached at a spot distant from their gathering, but not distant enough or some. There were some of the Christians who would stop and offer encouragement, but there were some strongly opposed to preaching outside.The residents of Keswick mostly don’t attend the convention and profit by selling their wares to the convention attendees before and after each days meeting. IWe thanked God the residents would hear the truth and we prayed to God that by hearing the Word they might come to faith in Jesus Christ. Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God. If the residents are not going to the convention, how will they call on the name of Jesus unless they believe, and how will they believe unless they hear, and how will they hear unless someone goes into town to preach. We give glory to God that He would use such a lowly means by which His truth is made known, not by the powerful, mighty, rich, or marvelous, but by forgiven men, saved by Him to declare His message. We know by His Word that He is pleased by the foolishness of the message preached. The message is foolish to those who are perishing, but to those who are being saved the Gospel is the power of God unto salvation. I then flew home to visit my family and my family in Christ, and to pray, and give thanks, and to seek the Lord and what He would have me to do or where to go, to be used by God, to be humbled by the Gospel, and to love Him and the souls He has create.  

Israel 2016 sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ

By the mercies of God and by His great favor this year I was able to visit and share the Gospel of Jesus Christ in Jerusalem and ministered there for 2 weeks with my friends and co-laborers Dan Courney and Zephaniah Mel. While evangelizing there we were greatly assisted and prayed for by Pastor Al Nucciarone and the members of Jerusalem Baptist Church. While in Israel we preached, distributed Christian literature and New Testaments in Hebrew and Arabic, and we had countless conversations: some conversations were encouraging, and some ended in disagreement, but we pray that each person we spoke with heard the truth of the Gospel. We also pray that God would continue working although we have returned home. We preach in faith, trusting that God will accomplish His purpose, and we preach knowing that God is pleased with the message preached, Jesus Christ and him crucified: Or Yeshua Ha Maschiah for those who speak Hebrew. While there we traveled and preached in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Jericho. and Tiberias. Many Christians (not all), were encouraged. Many religious Jewish men and women heard the truth about The Lord’s s anointed One, and the Arabs heard that Jesus was more than a prophet. We were not always treated kindly, because when the name of Jesus is proclaimed, a seeming irrational hatred stirs up amongst many. But God is faithful and gracious, and we left Israel not having suffered yet unto blood, While there we met a young American from Pensacola who had recently become an Israeli citizen. He was very excited to hear the Gospel being preached on Ben Yehuda street. He came out and joined us, even preaching some in Hebrew and reasoning with the Jews in their own language. We had made some some signs in Hebrew script with Bible passages from  Isaiah, Jeremiah, and Proverbs, and we left the signs with this young man. I also left him the small amplifier I use while preaching. Since my return he has contacted me to say he went out and preached: and although 1 sign was stolen, the word of God was declared. I praise the Lord for this young man’s zeal, and I pray for his protection. There are many in Israel who are lost and in need of the truth of the Gospel. Please keep Israel, Jerusalem, and all who live there in your prayers, that God would do that which only he can do, rescue men and women from the slavery of sin and judgment.

South Padre Island Spring Break2016