Monthly Archives: June 2016

Israel 2016 sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ

By the mercies of God and by His great favor this year I was able to visit and share the Gospel of Jesus Christ in Jerusalem and ministered there for 2 weeks with my friends and co-laborers Dan Courney and Zephaniah Mel. While evangelizing there we were greatly assisted and prayed for by Pastor Al Nucciarone and the members of Jerusalem Baptist Church. While in Israel we preached, distributed Christian literature and New Testaments in Hebrew and Arabic, and we had countless conversations: some conversations were encouraging, and some ended in disagreement, but we pray that each person we spoke with heard the truth of the Gospel. We also pray that God would continue working although we have returned home. We preach in faith, trusting that God will accomplish His purpose, and we preach knowing that God is pleased with the message preached, Jesus Christ and him crucified: Or Yeshua Ha Maschiah for those who speak Hebrew. While there we traveled and preached in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Jericho. and Tiberias. Many Christians (not all), were encouraged. Many religious Jewish men and women heard the truth about The Lord’s s anointed One, and the Arabs heard that Jesus was more than a prophet. We were not always treated kindly, because when the name of Jesus is proclaimed, a seeming irrational hatred stirs up amongst many. But God is faithful and gracious, and we left Israel not having suffered yet unto blood, While there we met a young American from Pensacola who had recently become an Israeli citizen. He was very excited to hear the Gospel being preached on Ben Yehuda street. He came out and joined us, even preaching some in Hebrew and reasoning with the Jews in their own language. We had made some some signs in Hebrew script with Bible passages from  Isaiah, Jeremiah, and Proverbs, and we left the signs with this young man. I also left him the small amplifier I use while preaching. Since my return he has contacted me to say he went out and preached: and although 1 sign was stolen, the word of God was declared. I praise the Lord for this young man’s zeal, and I pray for his protection. There are many in Israel who are lost and in need of the truth of the Gospel. Please keep Israel, Jerusalem, and all who live there in your prayers, that God would do that which only he can do, rescue men and women from the slavery of sin and judgment.