The Promises of God are Sure

The Promises of God are sure.

The Promises of God are Sure.

If Thy Law had not been my delight, I would have perished in my affliction.

Ps 119:92

The Precious Promises of GOD’s Word are like cordials to a soul that is ready to faint.

They are full of virtue.

There is a Promise,

“The LORD, Compassionate and Gracious”

(Ex 34:6)

Here, God holds out the golden scepter

to encourage poor trembling sinners to come to Him.

GOD is more willing to pardon, than to punish.

Mercy multiplies more in GOD, than sin in us. Mercy is His nature.

The bee naturally gives honey, and it stings only when provoked.

“But”, says the guilty sinner, “I cannot deserve Mercy”.

Yet, GOD is Gracious. He shows Mercy,

not because we deserve mercy, but because He delights in Mercy.

“But, what is that to me”? “Perhaps my name is not in the Pardon”.

The bank account of Mercy is not exhausted. GOD has treasures lying by,

and why should you not come, for a child’s share?

There is a a Promise working for good

“I will heal their waywardness”.

Hos 14:4

HE has Promised to send His Spirit, Whose sanctifying Power

is like water which cleanses vessels,

and like fire which refines metals.

The Spirit of GOD shall cleanse and consecrate your soul,

making it share in the Divine nature.

There is a Promise working for our good.

“I will be with him in trouble”.

Ps 91:15

God does not bring His people into troubles and leave them there..

God will stand by them. HE will hold their heads and their hearts,

when they are fainting..

“He is their stronghold in time of trouble”.’

Ps 37:39

“Oh”, says the soul, “I shall faint in the day of trial”.

But, GOD will be the strength of our hearts. GOD will join His forces with us.

Either GOD will make the burden, which is placed upon us, to be lighter,

or HE Will make our faith stronger.

There is a Promise,

“Those who seek the LORD, lack no good thing”.

Ps 34:10

If it is good for us, we shall have it.

If it is not good for us, then the withholding of it is good.

This blessing falls, as the honey dew upon the leaf.

It sweetens the little we possess.

Although a child of God might be reduced to great troubles,

yet, they will not be forsaken. They are still an heir to Heaven,

and God loves them for Christ’s sake.

Thomas Watson


Fill our minds with Christ

LORD GOD, as we read Thy Word,

may we see Christ walking in the sweet shades of Divine Love towards poor sinners.

And so, may our faith revive, and our comforts be restored.

When our minds are empty of Christ, as in temptation and the lack of comfort,

then they grind against themselves like an empty mill.

So, fill our minds with Christ, through Thy Word ,

that we may be free from temptations and fears.

May the threats of Thy Word, lead us to its Promises.

And, may we, by relying upon Thy Promises, make them ours,

and find their power and strength.

Animate our study of scriptures,

and so,

pour wine and oil into our bleeding wounds.

And when You have spoken peace and comfort to us,

When Thy face has shone upon our souls,

May we comfort others, with the comfort which we have been comforted,

knowing that the more we spend, the more we shall have.

William Bridge


Let us live in the constant contemplation of the Glory of Christ,

and virtue will proceed from Him

to repair all of our decays, and

to renew a right Spirit with us,

and cause us to abound in all duties of obedience.

The way of producing these effects,

flesh and blood can not reveal, for the life of faith is a mystery

known only to them in whom it is.

John Owen







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