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Fall 2023 Sharing the Gospel

This is what is written; The Messiah would suffer and rise from the dead on the third day and repentance for forgiveness of sins would be proclaimed in His Name to all the nations. Luke 24vs47.
Wow! Seasons pass so fast. With the VB boardwalk fairly desolate now, I have been blessed to be invited to preach the Gospel with some friends at some colleges in Ohio, Connecticut, and Mass. I also worked with Grace Reformed Baptist Church in Amesbury Mass, in Sharing the Gospel with those attending the festivities in Salem Mass. On Oct. 31. Otherwise, I continue to minister outside some abortion clinics in VB, NN, and Richmond. December is the month to give out countless Gospel tracts at the holiday parades in Norfolk, Richmond, Poquoson, Williamsburg, and Hampton. LORD willing, my hope is to travel to Jamaica and evangelize for 3 weeks, as I have for the past 12 years. I have been blessed and encourage by everyone at GBC, and have been strengthened by the preaching and the fellowship. Truly the LORD is good. May we all grow in the Grace and knowledge of our LORD Jesus Christ.
I thank everyone who prayed for me for your prayers. I hope to have more photos on my website…
Grace be with all who love our Lord Jesus Christ, with love incorruptible.
Don Karns

Ocean Swimming

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Jamaica 2023


Greetings! God is good all the time.  In January 2023,  I was invited and joined with some dear brothers in Jamaica to share the Gospel in the cities and on the streets. For some, this was our 13th visit, and for others it was the 1st. As in the previous years we stayed at an inexpensive hotel located about 2 miles from the city center of Montego Bay. During our 3 week stay, we also visited and preached the Gospel in Negril, Lucea, Falmouth, and Ocho Rios. While there we preached, gave away Bibles and Gospel tracts, and engaged in many conversations. After 13 years, we have come to know and be known by many, especially in the Montego Bay city center area. This is the gathering place for buying and selling and also the place where the poor, homeless, and insane spend their days, begging for money, food, and Bibles (in that order). Most will be thankful for a soup or a patty which costs about 400 Jamaica dollars. (about $2.00 U.S).

By God’s Grace, this year we were joined for one week by 4 men from Christ Fellowship Bible Church, which is located in St. Louis, including pastor, Geoff Kirkland. They were a wonderful encouragement especially since 3 of them were young men, well taught and full of grace. In fact, we have been invited to join them in St. Louis, Feb. 18, for some preaching at a Mardi Gras event in St. Louis.

On the way to and from Jamaica, I spend a few days ministering outside an abortion clinic in Orlando, with my friend and mentor, John Barros.  

 Grace be with all who love our Lord Jesus Christ, with love incorruptible. 


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The Promises of God are Sure

The Promises of God are sure.

The Promises of God are Sure.

If Thy Law had not been my delight, I would have perished in my affliction.

Ps 119:92

The Precious Promises of GOD’s Word are like cordials to a soul that is ready to faint.

They are full of virtue.

There is a Promise,

“The LORD, Compassionate and Gracious”

(Ex 34:6)

Here, God holds out the golden scepter

to encourage poor trembling sinners to come to Him.

GOD is more willing to pardon, than to punish.

Mercy multiplies more in GOD, than sin in us. Mercy is His nature.

The bee naturally gives honey, and it stings only when provoked.

“But”, says the guilty sinner, “I cannot deserve Mercy”.

Yet, GOD is Gracious. He shows Mercy,

not because we deserve mercy, but because He delights in Mercy.

“But, what is that to me”? “Perhaps my name is not in the Pardon”.

The bank account of Mercy is not exhausted. GOD has treasures lying by,

and why should you not come, for a child’s share?

There is a a Promise working for good

“I will heal their waywardness”.

Hos 14:4

HE has Promised to send His Spirit, Whose sanctifying Power

is like water which cleanses vessels,

and like fire which refines metals.

The Spirit of GOD shall cleanse and consecrate your soul,

making it share in the Divine nature.

There is a Promise working for our good.

“I will be with him in trouble”.

Ps 91:15

God does not bring His people into troubles and leave them there..

God will stand by them. HE will hold their heads and their hearts,

when they are fainting..

“He is their stronghold in time of trouble”.’

Ps 37:39

“Oh”, says the soul, “I shall faint in the day of trial”.

But, GOD will be the strength of our hearts. GOD will join His forces with us.

Either GOD will make the burden, which is placed upon us, to be lighter,

or HE Will make our faith stronger.

There is a Promise,

“Those who seek the LORD, lack no good thing”.

Ps 34:10

If it is good for us, we shall have it.

If it is not good for us, then the withholding of it is good.

This blessing falls, as the honey dew upon the leaf.

It sweetens the little we possess.

Although a child of God might be reduced to great troubles,

yet, they will not be forsaken. They are still an heir to Heaven,

and God loves them for Christ’s sake.

Thomas Watson


Fill our minds with Christ

LORD GOD, as we read Thy Word,

may we see Christ walking in the sweet shades of Divine Love towards poor sinners.

And so, may our faith revive, and our comforts be restored.

When our minds are empty of Christ, as in temptation and the lack of comfort,

then they grind against themselves like an empty mill.

So, fill our minds with Christ, through Thy Word ,

that we may be free from temptations and fears.

May the threats of Thy Word, lead us to its Promises.

And, may we, by relying upon Thy Promises, make them ours,

and find their power and strength.

Animate our study of scriptures,

and so,

pour wine and oil into our bleeding wounds.

And when You have spoken peace and comfort to us,

When Thy face has shone upon our souls,

May we comfort others, with the comfort which we have been comforted,

knowing that the more we spend, the more we shall have.

William Bridge


Let us live in the constant contemplation of the Glory of Christ,

and virtue will proceed from Him

to repair all of our decays, and

to renew a right Spirit with us,

and cause us to abound in all duties of obedience.

The way of producing these effects,

flesh and blood can not reveal, for the life of faith is a mystery

known only to them in whom it is.

John Owen







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The Gospel Preached Fall 2022

What doth the LORD thy God require of thee, but to fear the LORD thy God, to walk in all his ways, and to love him, and to serve the LORD thy God with all thy heart and with all thy soul, to keep the commandments of the LORD, and his statutes, which I command thee this day for thy good? Circumcise therefore the foreskin of your heart and be no more stiff-necked. For the LORD your God is God of gods, and Lord of lords, a great God, a mighty, and a terrible, who regards not persons, nor takes reward:
Another season has come and gone; thanks be to God! A great opportunity to share the Gospel at colleges and on the city streets, and even a visit to the Creation Museum in Kentucky.
The Fall season started well with a one-week short term mission, working with the saints at Hallelujah Side Baptist Church in Dayton, Ohio.
While there we shared the Gospel in downtown Dayton, and some streets in Cincinnati, and Columbus. We also preached at the following colleges in Ohio. University of Cincinnati, Wright State, Ohio State, and University of Dayton. One morning was spent preaching outside the abortion clinic in Kettering, Ohio.
After a quick trip back home, I then joined some friends in Boston to preach the Gospel in the Northeast. While there we preached on the streets of Boston and New Haven, and we preached at Harvard, Yale, UConn, Southern Connecticut, UMass Boston, and UMass Lowell. At the end of the week most of us made our way to West Virginia, where the following week we preached the Gospel at WVU for 2 days, then at VT for 2 days.
The Lord showed us favor and answered many prayers. There were countless conversations, many many Gospel tracts and Bibles given away, and the Word of God was preached.
Thanks, be to God, for His Mercies endure forever.


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The God Gap 2

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Ocean Swimming

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Jamaica 2022

This January, I joined with two other men to evangelize in Jamaica. We have done this for more than ten years, although we missed last year because of the Covid. The mission there this year was certainly more challenging because of all the covid protocols. There was no jab required, but a covid test was required to enter and leave the country. In fact, I had to change my departure date from the U.S. by one day, because of the required test 72 hours prior. I departed from Orlando, and it seemed as if the whole city attempted to be tested at the same time. Once in Jamaica we were fairly free to move around, although masks were required to enter most stores and restaurants, and most of the local restaurants were carry out only. Hence many of our meals were eaten in the outdoors. While in Jamaica we were able to travel and preach and have conversations in Montego Bay, Falmouth, Negril, Ocho Rios, and Saint Lucea. As in the past, most of our preaching was done in town centers, open air markets, and taxi parks. We have a great love for the people of Jamaica, especially with the people who spend   all day at Sam Sharpe’s Square in Montego Bay. We preach near a statue of Sam Sharpe who was a Christian, and a member of Burchell Baptist Church which is still a functioning church. His statue depicts him preaching outdoors with a Bible in his hand. This is very telling of the state of Jamaica which is overcrowded with Seventh Day Adventists, Jehovah witnesses, Mormons, and oneness- Pentecostals, whom all reject what the Bible says and what Christians believe.  It is a break for me to visit Jamaica because they are not abortion minded. What saddens me is that they are not so marriage minded, therefore many young women have multiple children yet never married. Ask most adult men how many children they have fathered and there are many, yet few have been husbands. The three of us were able to give away thousands of Gospel tracts and nearly 100 Bibles.

This year we met a young Jamaican man who has recently begun to preach in public. He was a encouragement and a help for us, and I hope we encouraged him. I had feared that some of the regular folk we see every year may have been taken by the covid, but by the Mercies of God, most are still there, buying, selling, begging, or just hanging out.

All too soon the 3 weeks were up and we had to get one final covid test before leaving to return home, God is Good and we were all negative, so we returned safe giving all thanks to God for His many benefits.

Jesus Christ IS LORD of lords and King of kings, the Savior of sinners, and His name is above every name. We preach Christ and Him crucified.

And thanks to all who prayed for us or helped to support us.  IMG_2318

Spoiled A poem by Lisa Pointer



Spoiled and defeated.

Spoke the chains on me.

Why hope in GOD

You will never be free. 

For my grip is too strong

And my rein is too tight,

And you will never escape,

To the day from this night.

Fight all you want!

Pray if you dare!

Your GOD does not love you,

Nor does HE care.


His grace has expired.

His mercies are done.

So why serve Him now?

When I have won.

But while sliding down,

into that sinking sand

Love reached out for me,

With His Nail Scarred Hands.

Strength unparalleled,

By His death on The  Cross,

Was now tenderly touching,

All my life’s loss.


Hurts given back,

But now without their sting,

And disappointments and regret,

Not such a big thing.

HE spoke, “Here are your failures,

And many there are,

But I have used them as steps.

That you may reach for the stars.”

For spoiled and defeated ,

You will never be.

Because My Word will deliver

And  always succeed


Poem by Lisa Pointer.








She Did What She Could





She Did What She Could is my newest book. This book took an extremely long time to be published, and there were times that I wondered if it would  ever be delivered. But by the grace of God, I now have several hundred copies available to be purchased. They can be ordered from the home page, or you can also visit which will place you on the home page. The book, She Did What She Could was  produced as a powerful evangelizing tool for marginal or non Christians and to encourage and edify Christians. The idea was to provide a glimpse of some genuine Christians, similar to examples  which can be found in the Book of Hebrews, chapter eleven. Many have read of the saints in this chapter and I fear that some may think their faith and accomplishments may be too extreme for Christians in our generation. Others feel of little use in serving Christ or advancing the Gospel because of their circumstances or physical abilities.

Throughout my years as a Christian, several issues caused me to see a need for a book such as this. For a time, I visited some local nursing homes with my therapy dog, named Zip. There were times when I would meet and visit an elderly saint who lived as though their age and physical condition would prevent them from doing much for the good of others and for the glory of God. I would remind them to pray for their families from their beds or their wheelchair. I would encourage them to talk to their nurses or the staff and ask that the Bible might be read to them or to ask the staff for any prayer concerns , and then to lift up their hearts to God on behalf of them. In addition, in my ministry as a traveling evangelist, I would provide some Gospel booklets for those that were really interested Many of these booklets were written several hundred years ago and can now only be found in rare books or the multi-volume set of tracts from the American Tract Society. Chapel Library was my best and favorite source for  booklets such as these, and they were exceeding generous. Some of these tracts were accompanied by small movements of God each time they were published. I am not aware of any publication other than the American Tract Society seven volume set where many of these booklets are in one place.

She Did What She Could is rooted in the New Testament account of a woman who used up all of her costly perfume by pouring it on the head of Jesus. Although some of the disciples objected, Jesus said, ” She has done what she could”.  The book also has the accounts of some  Christians familiar to many, such as Ann Judson, Sarah Edwards, Joni  Eareckson Tada, and Martin Luther. There are others most American Christians or most of the world at large has never heard of, yet they were poured out, sometimes suffering and dying for Christ’s sake. Others were a beautiful and precious witness for Jesus Christ, even from their death bed. My hope is that many would read these accounts and all would agree that these saints served well and died well.

The book was not written to be a best-seller. It was written that it might stir up the heat’s of those who read it. Who knows what  the Lord might do? Maybe if it is of any encouragement to you, you would share it was another Christian. Maybe you would share it with a friend or relative who is not a Christian, hoping that like so many who read of the Dairyman’s Daughter  or the Young Cottager they might be convicted of their sins and call upon the Lord.

If you have read the book She Did What She Could and have a critique, criticism, or suggestion please feel free to contact me.

Below are the comments of some who have read the book. May God be glorified!

Grace be with all who love our Lord Jesus Christ with love incorruptible. Cathy wrote that she was convicted and so moved when she read the book, she prayed that the Lord would provide her with a way to share her faith and maybe plant a Gospel seed or be an encouragement to others. She often takes long walks in a neighborhood park near her home. She has started to write some scripture verses on the stones from her garden, and then leave some in the park, with the hope that some other walker will find the stone and read the message, and be blessed.

Tom and his wife read the book together at their kitchen table, were encouraged and let me know.

Dear brother!  My wife and I were greatly encouraged by reading the chapter on the two Margaret’s at dinner.  I began crying twice while reading the account.  Thank you for such an encouraging book!!

On the next day he sent a second message.

Thank you for joining us for lunch today as we read Surprising Conversions 1.


The 4th Dave did a review of the book “She Did What She Could” at the request of one of his friends. He was most kind, and his review would indicate he spent a little time with it.


For the follower of Jesus, it can be a great encouragement to hear and read stories of past saints who have finished the race well. We see that in the Scriptures, as God gives us what has been called by many the famous “Hall of Faith” chapter in Hebrews 11, detailing how the saints of the Old Testament stood firm on their faith in God and His Word.

In my experience, reading the stories of past believers who have followed Jesus even to the point of death can be a convicting and riveting practice. Whether it’s Foxe’s Book of Martyrs or biographies of past theologians and missionaries, these stories have fueled the fire of devotion and perseverance for generations of Christians seeking to walk the same faithful path, myself included.

I recently finished reading a fine example of this type of spiritual biography that I was pleased to add to my bookshelf: Don Karns’ She Did What She Could. This is a collection of historical accounts, Scripture passages, and biographical tracts from past eras that tell the stories of little-known women of the faith. The title references Mark 14, in which a woman (whom John identifies as Mary, sister of Lazarus) anoints Jesus’ feet with a sweet-smelling ointment. When the disciples complained, Jesus defended her and said she has done all she could to honor him.

Through this collection of historical accounts that Karns has gathered across the centuries of church history, the pleasing aroma of these saints’ devotion is still powerful and praiseworthy.

I was delighted to receive Don Karns’ slim volume in the mail from my friend Michael Coughlin, with a request to share my thoughts. I’m more than happy to satisfy that request now.

The Evangelist with a Pastor’s Heart

The first things about this book that struck me were the notes from Karns himself. In his “Preface,” “Words of Encouragement,” and “Conclusion,” Karns labors to proclaim the Gospel clearly and urgently, in the hope that unsaved readers will understand why these stories are being told and what would drive people throughout the centuries to give up their lives and suffer hardship and martyrdom. The tone of Karns’ writing is winsome and pleading, seeking to make his appeal instead of shout down any expected critics.

I did a little internet research on the author and learned that he is a long-time evangelist and open-air preacher who seems to be respected by many who are familiar with his ministry. When critical or nasty comments are posted on his ministry website’s homepage, the responses from the site account are nothing but pleasant, earnest, and humble as they refute the accusations of the pagans and respond with Scripture.

Just as the testimonies of the inconspicuous women being highlighted in this work draw out the sweet aroma of Christ, I was touched by that same sweetness in the language Karns uses. Without knowing anything about him specifically, I can tell what kind of man he might be, making me all the more willing to read his compilation of testimonies.

In Memory of Her

The bulk of the volume consists of various historical accounts of women of faith. A few notable names are included in the group (such as Ann Judson and Joni Erickson-Tada), but most of them are all but unknown to most readers. This accounts of “the young cottager” or “the dairyman’s daughter” provide portraits of humble folk (often the very young or those facing the shadow of death) who are transformed by the Gospel. In many ways, these accounts remind me of The Pilgrim’s Progress, not because they are in any way fictional but because the lofty speech and conversation are full of allusions to Scripture.

In some of these accounts, I have to confess that I struggled to follow the dialogue sometimes. That might be blamed on my “reading muscles” becoming a bit too flabby as of late. At times, I did wonder if these conversations were a bit too lofty to be realistic, but that also may be due to the low expectations of a modern mind! Even if some of the wording of these accounts might have been “polished up” a bit to make clearer points, I have no reason to doubt they are truthful in the main.

My favorite section by far was the one titled “Women of the Covenant,” recounting the martyrdom of several women who were part of the Scottish “covenanters.” While the stories are just as challenging and encouraging as the other sections, the writing of this particular passage was poetic and vivid, and I found myself stopping to re-read several sentences that were perfectly crafted.

Karns closes the book by throwing the reader a curve ball. After regaling us with story after story of women of faith, he closes with a sermon excerpt from the Prince of Preachers, Charles Spurgeon, and a brief account of Luther’s prayer on the night before his “Here I Stand” speech at the Diet of Worms. However out-of-theme these inclusions were, they were fully in-step with the spirit of the book as a whole, calling unbelievers to trust in Jesus for salvation and challenging believers to live lives of faith and sacrifice for His glory.

A Treasure in a Rough-Hewn Case

As lovely as the contents of this volume are, I would be remiss not to address the problems I have with its presentation and production. It’s clear as soon as you pick the book up that it was self-published. On the whole, there’s nothing wrong with self-publishing a book. I’ve read more than a few self-published works in my time (I may even write a few someday), and they can be edited and produced to meet or even surpass the industry standard. However, I should note certain issues with this one, if for no other reason than the off-chance the author or his ministry partners are considering an additional print run and would be willing to make corrections.

The formatting of the work is inconsistent throughout, changing font types and sizes. Sometimes, the formatting is oppressively dense, including several sections of block text without visual breaks that go on for pages at a time. While I recognize that the source material was likely written and typeset in the same manner, I would ask the author (or others producing similar works) to take the liberty of reformatting these entries for better readability and acknowledging the changes with an editor’s note of some kind. There are also a handful of typos that should have been caught during the proofreading process; those sorts of things happen in even the big publishing houses, but that means it’s all the more important for the small team working on a book like this to be extra careful, as fewer eyes will see it before its release.

These may be considered nit-pick criticisms, but if one’s goal is to bring these stories to a new audience, or even (as the author seems to indicate) to share them with non-believers, part of the ministry work is taking the time to put out an excellent product free of the editorial distractions that could undercut or cheapen the overall presentation.

To Don Karns and anyone else who may be working on a self-published book like this, I urge you not to skip out on this vital step in the process. (By the way, if you are looking to hire a manuscript editor / proofreader for a bit of contract work, I’m available!)

Final Comments

She Did What She Could is a worthwhile read that presents a collection of mostly-unknown Gospel conversion and martyrdom stories from church history. From a publishing standpoint, the book needs some polish and updates, but that doesn’t detract from the message. If you love Jesus, this volume will help you to treasure and trust him all the more, as you walk through these short histories of women of whom the world was not worthy.

You can pick up a copy of the book at the author’s ministry website, at a pretty affordable price. For the spiritual value you will receive, I think it would be money well-spent.



Welcome University of Massachusetts Lowell


To be a Christian is to want for others what you want for yourself, peace, security, and assurance of eternal life in the presence of GOD. In a culture like present day America, to speak of peace and security is something you can only find in history books, or old movies . How or where could one find peace or security in a world perishing due to climate change, pandemics, and racial injustice? Although the BLM followers, Antifa, and politicians promise, “Peace, Peace,” there is no Peace, for the world is passing away and the lusts therein. There was once a Peace on earth, in a place called Paradise.(Genesis 1-2,), but through one man came sin and through sin came death and now death has come upon all men (WHY?) Because ( ALL ) have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God.

No skin color mentioned there.”

GOD created the human race, by breathing His eternal breath into the body He formed resulting in living eternal souls, much different than all else He had created; in fact He made men in HIS likeness. But now because of sin, when GOD searches the entire human race, of all those descended from the first human beings, (Adama and his wife Eve) He finds ( None ) righteous,

No Not one.

No skin color mentioned there. ”

The Bible distinguishes humans in terms of moral character, the righteous and the unrighteousness, those saved and the unsaved, the believer and unbeliever. It is the world and men and women like Charles Darwin (1) and Margaret Sanger(2) who teach and put forward racist ideology.

God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but in order that the world might be saved through him. –

Saved from sins like racism, sexual immorality, drunkenness, selfishness, and most

of all :

“Wrong thinking”.

What is wrong with the human race? We ( ALL) are; until God has given us a new heart, for we are born with a heart which is self-centered and corrupt. Because of the sin of the first Adam, we are ( ALL ) born with a nature that is in bondage to sin and a heart that seeks after sin even though sin will never be enough to satisfy. Jesus Christ taught that unless one is born again (born from above), he can not enter the Kingdom of God.

The Bible says we shall all stand before the Judgment Seat of Christ and give an account for what we have done in our body, whether it be good or evil.

No skin color mentioned there

Many are on the broad road that leads to destruction who love their sin and prefer their sin rather rather than Christ and everyone who does wicked things hates the light and is not willing to come to the light, lest his works should be exposed.

Therefore, this is the judgment: the light has come into the world, and people loved the darkness rather than the light because their works were evil. –

Hard sayings, but most of us by now, have experienced that the way of the transgressor is hard. Some may have yet hidden their sins and avoided the consequences, but be sure your sins will find you out.

The human race, being made in the likeness of God, is rightfully held accountable to GOD. He did not make angels, animals, matter, or energy in His image, only men and women. All things which GOD creates has a purpose, a meaning, and a value. All things are created by GOD so that they would glorify God by existing. Humans were made eternal living souls so that they should love and honor and trust GOD in addition to glorifying God by their existence; and, only humans were created for this. The stars and the sea, the mountains and the valleys, the mammals and the reptiles, even the holy angels were not created in a way that they could love God.  GOD has created us with the knowledge of right and wrong (conscience) therefore He finds us not only guilty but without excuse. In addition, the holy righteousness God, The LORD, tests the righteous, but HIS soul hates the wicked and

the one who loves violence. (does evil)

Apart from Jesus Christ we are all seen by God as guilty and without excuse and deserving of his hatred.

But thanks be to God, the Bible says that: “God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life. –

no skin color mentioned there

He did not give His Son as a reward for good behavior. Instead He gave His Son because He knew that we were broken and could not mend ourselves, and we were stained and polluted by sin and could not cleanse ourselves, and we were in bondage to sin and could not free ourselves. He gave His Son to die for sinners. Thanks be to GOD. His love for those who believe is caused by absolutely nothing in us, but instead is a Redeeming love, a gratuitous love, an amazing love. Jesus said “I Am the Way, the Truth, and the Life and no one comes to the Father except through Me.

Meaning that because of what Jesus did by living in obedience to God, even to death on a cross, and dying for the sins His people committed, and resurrecting from the dead, we can approach GOD as our eternal Father, in Redeeming love, instead of a righteous and Holy Judge, and we can be received by GOD as HIS children because Jesus has redeemed us by His blood so we might cry “Abba, Father”.  And even more glorious is it that Jesus made a ( Way )

by which GOD and man can be reconciled, Jesus cleared away all of the obstacles keeping us from looking towards heaven, and because of the perfect, finished work of Jesus Christ, the gates of heaven are swung wide open.

What then, would keep you from coming to Christ? Your pride, your sin, your anger?

The times of ignorance God overlooked, but now he commands all people everywhere to repent, because he has fixed a day on which he will judge the world in righteousness by a man whom he has appointed; and of this he has given assurance to all by raising him from the dead.” – Acts 17:30-31

” No skin color mentioned there

For years now I have come to your campus in faith and in love, pleading for souls, we are ambassadors for Christ, God making his appeal through us. We implore you on behalf of Christ, be reconciled to God. –


For those who continue to reject what Christ has done,

Let the sinner say farewell:

To God and Christ and eternal life

For you say

“‘but I must have my sin”.

Then bid Farewell to GOD and heaven and

Say farewell to all that Christ has purchased by His blood.

For you would rather say

“farewell to all” rather than lose your sin.

Even though by now, you know your sin will never keep you satisfied, and your conscience knows how much and how many are your sins, and with the slightest inspection you ought to know that you have a bad record and a bad heart. Will I see you next year, or next week? That you do not know. The gift of GOD is eternal life. Saving faith is a divine gift that God gives freely by His grace.

Repent and believe the Gospel before its too late. Repent and be converted so that your sins can be blotted out.

Consider what one man did which led to his conversion. He came to consider this, “What if there is something about this faith and Christianity I have “miss-understood”, or deceived myself about. What if some of my friends misled or lied to me to keep me as lost as they are. Can I really trust them to be honest about GOD? Can I

really trust myself with regards to God?

Why and when did I come to have this hatred and knowledge of GOD? Who led me or taught me to believe that there is no God. I have been wrong about so many other things in my life, is it possible I don’t really know so much as I claim to know.

Salvation is not merely knowing what others don’t know or are wrong about,

to be saved is to taste and see that the LORD is good…….

and HE IS….,


Remember what you heard

and what you lost

what you might have had

but you lost all, for your sin.


Don Karns

sin awareness day


(1) Charles Darwin,

Origin of species. Preservation of favored races.

Descent of man

(2 ) Margaret Sanger

Woman and the new race

The case for birth control

The pivot of civilization