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Jamaica 2023


Greetings! God is good all the time.  In January 2023,  I was invited and joined with some dear brothers in Jamaica to share the Gospel in the cities and on the streets. For some, this was our 13th visit, and for others it was the 1st. As in the previous years we stayed at an inexpensive hotel located about 2 miles from the city center of Montego Bay. During our 3 week stay, we also visited and preached the Gospel in Negril, Lucea, Falmouth, and Ocho Rios. While there we preached, gave away Bibles and Gospel tracts, and engaged in many conversations. After 13 years, we have come to know and be known by many, especially in the Montego Bay city center area. This is the gathering place for buying and selling and also the place where the poor, homeless, and insane spend their days, begging for money, food, and Bibles (in that order). Most will be thankful for a soup or a patty which costs about 400 Jamaica dollars. (about $2.00 U.S).

By God’s Grace, this year we were joined for one week by 4 men from Christ Fellowship Bible Church, which is located in St. Louis, including pastor, Geoff Kirkland. They were a wonderful encouragement especially since 3 of them were young men, well taught and full of grace. In fact, we have been invited to join them in St. Louis, Feb. 18, for some preaching at a Mardi Gras event in St. Louis.

On the way to and from Jamaica, I spend a few days ministering outside an abortion clinic in Orlando, with my friend and mentor, John Barros.  

 Grace be with all who love our Lord Jesus Christ, with love incorruptible. 


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