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Spoiled A poem by Lisa Pointer



Spoiled and defeated.

Spoke the chains on me.

Why hope in GOD

You will never be free. 

For my grip is too strong

And my rein is too tight,

And you will never escape,

To the day from this night.

Fight all you want!

Pray if you dare!

Your GOD does not love you,

Nor does HE care.


His grace has expired.

His mercies are done.

So why serve Him now?

When I have won.

But while sliding down,

into that sinking sand

Love reached out for me,

With His Nail Scarred Hands.

Strength unparalleled,

By His death on The  Cross,

Was now tenderly touching,

All my life’s loss.


Hurts given back,

But now without their sting,

And disappointments and regret,

Not such a big thing.

HE spoke, “Here are your failures,

And many there are,

But I have used them as steps.

That you may reach for the stars.”

For spoiled and defeated ,

You will never be.

Because My Word will deliver

And  always succeed


Poem by Lisa Pointer.