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Update Summer 2013

Praise God for He is faithful. Time passes and seasons change yet God is eternal. Invisible, the only wise God. Spring past and summer Upon us. This Spring I was blessed to be given the opportunity to participate in sone missionary journeys traveling in the Northwest with Shawn Holes, Ron Underwood, and Keith Darrel. We had the opportunity to preach the Gospel at many college campus locations, in the market place and at 2 churches. We preached in Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana, Colorado, and Utah.

After flying East I joined with Scot Smith on a East coast college tour at several universities in New England. We traveled and preached in Maryland, DC, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Maasaachusetts. This was near to the end of the semester, and by Gods providence we were able to once more share the Gospel before the students went back to their homes in countless states. Not only did we preach but many tracts were handed out and there were conversations; some fruitful and others, seemingly at the time, just an opportunity for a student to express what they believe; .and so for that one day they Showed what was in their heart and on their mind.

Returning home I packed some additional warm clothess and some rain gear and traveled to the United Kingdom with the Jeremiah Cry Ministry. With a band of men we preached in the streets of London, Piccadilly Circus, Speakers Corner, the football championship, Oxford, Cambridge, Manchester, Sheffield, and the we joined an even bigger group and preached in Scotland, on the streets of Glasgow, Stirling, and Edinburg. In Glasgow we were favored by Jim Blair and his cousin Jason to visit Loch Lo’mond. We also attended a church service in Anniesland  met Pastor Jim Handysides

Home for a time but now in Ocean City Maryland till Friday with Mark Johnson, Joe Toy and some friends preaching on the boardwalk till Friday.