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Proclaiming the Gospel fall 2019

Praise the Lord, and ascribe to Him glory, and power, might, and dominion now and forevermore.
2019 was a wonderful year the Lord provided for witnessing for Jesus Christ, preaching the Gospel, and encouraging other believers. And of course, being encouraged and blessed by brothers and sisters in Christ. A full year with much travel; Jamaica, Belize, England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Dominican Republic, and many different states, cities, and colleges.
Fall 2019 was an especially full season of preaching at universities throughout much of America. A new generation of young adults, no longer wanting to be called or associated with millennials or gen x, this generation would attempt to disregard any previous generation. “OK Boomer” would be their slogan; which is their way of dismissing anything from the past as irrelevant. Previous generations were known for a gesture rather than a slogan, interpreted “talk to the hand”. This year we saw an increase in the denial of absolutes as well as a decrease in the number of professing Christians, or those who would publicly claim to believe in Jesus Christ. We also experienced an increase in lawlessness on campus which is often tolerated and coddled by campus police. Although I attempt to make all of my items secure and label them, there were signs stolen, a leather sign portfolio, Christian literature, and a preaching stool {all stolen} in public and in broad daylight. In the case of the stool, the young man was apprehended by the police, and although I requested for no charges to be brought against him, he was taken to court and the stool became evidence, which means I did not get it back. The police felt certain he would only get a reprimand or a period of probation. ( see link to UMass Amherst news). We shared the Gospel on more campuses than I will mention, but we started in Albuquerque and finished in Massachusetts. We were also hosted or joined by different churches in N.M. Denver, Columbia Mo. St. Louis Ill. Pa. R.I. and Mass. The Lord provided for us and kept us safe. I was also blessed to preach in the open air at the Lincoln Memorial and outside the White House, and in some cities with great need of a hope which no government agency can supply: downtown Albuquerque, Camden, NJ, Newark N.J. NYC union square, and Boston.
This season was also different in that after preaching at several of the colleges, a student would hand us a handwritten note, encouraging us, or apologizing for the behavior of their classmates. At one of the Colleges where we have often evangelized, I had a conversation with a very humble young man who had been raised by a catholic parent, but had no idea of what Christianity is all about. I left him with some Christian literature and my contact info and promised that I would e mail him with the address of some Christian churches near enough to his campus in Boston so that he could visit. This is one of the colleges we visit more than once, and when I met him several weeks later he was very joyful and thankful. He had begun attending one of the churches on the “Nine-Marks church list” I had provided him. I pray and hope that God will continue to draw him to Jesus Christ.
( a copy of his response is below). The finale of the fall preaching is Salem Massachusetts on Oct 31, Halloween. As in previous years, I was assisted and hosted by Pastor Stephen Brock from True Gospel Baptist Church in Salem Mass. I was also assisted by many friends who came to co-labor with me. Friends drove or flew in from Va. NC. Ga. NY, and NH. Halloween is a full day, from noon until 10 PM. The Salem event is very intense and many people will demonstrate their anger or hatred of God when Jesus Christ is preached. This year more than ever the crowd would seethe and rail against the Gospel. I am always hurt when I read the Gospel accounts of the people in Jesus’ time chanting “crucify Him”. Surely this was an irrational hatred of the One who did all things well. This year often the  crowd at Salem  would chant vile and profane blasphemies against God and against His Christ. A large portion of Salem is blocked off to allow for the festivities on Halloween, and there are countless things (mostly occult) the Salem party-goers could participate in, but many will spend hours trying to drown out or intimidate the Christians there who are proclaiming the Good News of Jesus Christ. This was a long and arduous trip, but the Lord was our strength and our shield. And the love of Christ and the love for our neighbors compels us to remain faithful and endure until the end. We have no reason to fear or be downcast, for Jesus Christ has overcome the world. For there is no disease of sin He can not heal, and no chain of sin He can not break, and nothing is beyond the exceeding greatness of His power – to us who believe.
Grace be with all who love our Lord Jesus Christ with love incorruptible.

Note: this is acopy of a email from a man from attending UIMass Boston.

Good Evening Sir,
I haven’t been able to stop thinking about our conversation and the words you and your brothers in Christ were speaking. I got home to my apartment and sat on my couch and started reading. I called the Charles’s River Church and left a voicemail. The other ones you recommend the Ashmont Calvary Church is in walking distance and the closest. I know today was not a coincidence. I left because I had to pick up my car and had an appointment at the Veterans Hospital today at 3. I got on the bus from school after I talked with you and it was supposed to drop me off at the train (subway) station. It didn’t and I stayed on it and it turned back to UMASS. I canceled my VA appointment on the phone and stayed there. I didn’t know what or why I was being pulled back but the first thing that popped into my mind walking back to were y’all were was God telling me to stand there with you all. I felt like I needed to be there and to stand there. I observed the other students and couldn’t believe how much hate and anger they had in their hearts. They did not want to listen but wanted confrontation. I was feeling angry like them at them and had to calm myself and pray for them to. Even though when you left I told them “who are you going to heckle now” they had nothing better to do but to distract Gods message from ears who wanted to hear and also distracted others who couldn’t hear over their yelling. You all had more composer and grace than I thought anyone could. I learned something from that today. I really appreciate you taking your time to talk with me and everyone at school today. I’m scared and will seek Jesus. I always feel guilty after Sins and seeing or hearing or doing unclean things. I worry and confused as to I’m a sinner and I could never be perfect or not sin. I know in the future I’ll get angry or look at a woman and have impure thoughts in the future and I don’t want these thoughts or feelings. I can’t overcome my failures without Jesus and don’t want to live in darkness. I give my life to Jesus and put my trust in him. My father has an amazing story of redemption and Salvation and something that he shared with me and some others and I would like to tell you his story if that’s possible. I checked my e-mail twice since I got home in hopes you would email me. Thank you Sir and to everyone that was there at UMASS today. I would like to keep in touch if that’s possible. Thank you again.
Very Respectfully,

Below are some links to college Newspaper or videos produced by the students. Discernment is necessary because each of the writers or producer has their own bias, and often they report the reactions of other students, who have their opinions regarding what they saw or heard. A day on campus is usually 4 or 5 hours long, yet some accounts are documented, coming from someone who walked by or spent a few minutes listening.


UMass Students vs Christian Preachers: Who should our university protect?

Finally, I have included the video of a young man at Boston commons with a great gift of song, yet having hard times on the street. He was a professing Christian and aa true blessing to me.