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Jamaica 2022

This January, I joined with two other men to evangelize in Jamaica. We have done this for more than ten years, although we missed last year because of the Covid. The mission there this year was certainly more challenging because of all the covid protocols. There was no jab required, but a covid test was required to enter and leave the country. In fact, I had to change my departure date from the U.S. by one day, because of the required test 72 hours prior. I departed from Orlando, and it seemed as if the whole city attempted to be tested at the same time. Once in Jamaica we were fairly free to move around, although masks were required to enter most stores and restaurants, and most of the local restaurants were carry out only. Hence many of our meals were eaten in the outdoors. While in Jamaica we were able to travel and preach and have conversations in Montego Bay, Falmouth, Negril, Ocho Rios, and Saint Lucea. As in the past, most of our preaching was done in town centers, open air markets, and taxi parks. We have a great love for the people of Jamaica, especially with the people who spend   all day at Sam Sharpe’s Square in Montego Bay. We preach near a statue of Sam Sharpe who was a Christian, and a member of Burchell Baptist Church which is still a functioning church. His statue depicts him preaching outdoors with a Bible in his hand. This is very telling of the state of Jamaica which is overcrowded with Seventh Day Adventists, Jehovah witnesses, Mormons, and oneness- Pentecostals, whom all reject what the Bible says and what Christians believe.  It is a break for me to visit Jamaica because they are not abortion minded. What saddens me is that they are not so marriage minded, therefore many young women have multiple children yet never married. Ask most adult men how many children they have fathered and there are many, yet few have been husbands. The three of us were able to give away thousands of Gospel tracts and nearly 100 Bibles.

This year we met a young Jamaican man who has recently begun to preach in public. He was a encouragement and a help for us, and I hope we encouraged him. I had feared that some of the regular folk we see every year may have been taken by the covid, but by the Mercies of God, most are still there, buying, selling, begging, or just hanging out.

All too soon the 3 weeks were up and we had to get one final covid test before leaving to return home, God is Good and we were all negative, so we returned safe giving all thanks to God for His many benefits.

Jesus Christ IS LORD of lords and King of kings, the Savior of sinners, and His name is above every name. We preach Christ and Him crucified.

And thanks to all who prayed for us or helped to support us.  IMG_2318