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Preaching throughout UK 2016

This year by the mercies and grace of God I was able to travel back to the UK and meet with some men from America and some from England, Scotland, and Ireland to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We arrived in Manchester, then drove to our home for the 1st two weeks, The Birmingham Free Baptist Church. The pastor there was kind enough to allow us to sleep, shower, pray, and fellowship there. While staying at the church at night, we traveled and preached at Birmingham, Oxford, Cambridge, Nottingham, Lincoln, and Leicester. Many, many people stopped to listen or make a comment. Many Christians were encouraged, many non believers were stirred up, and sadly some who professed a faith in Christ were opposed to sharing the Gospel outside of church when it wasn’t even Sunday. We encountered countless who claimed to be Christian yet were not opposed to sin, claiming that Jesus died for all or for them, so that they could sin with no guilt, fear or shame. Sadly, many of the churches in the UK have compromised with the world and are no longer a light in the darkness. But the Gospel is the power of God unto salvation, and the Holy Spirit convinces of sin, and the blood of Jesus still cleanses from sin, delivering  those who repent and believe upon Him. We said farewell to some of the brethren; some of whom returned to the US, and others returned to their ministries in the UK. My friends Mike Stockwell and Robert Gray and myself next traveled to London where we were treated with great hospitality by a family from Grace Life Church London. We met and ministered with 3 Americans. While in London we were privileged to preach at Leicester Square, Piccadilly Circus, Trafalgar Square, Barking, Elephant and Castle, and Wimbledon. The family we stayed with lived in East Ham. We reasoned with the local muslims daily in East Ham, as we walked from the subway to the home where we stayed, and one day because of our interaction with the muslims, we were invited by some Christians from India to share a message. Their meeting place was directly above the spot where the muslims distributed their literature and where we would speak the truth of the gospel to them. To confront muslims about the truth of the Bible and the inconsistencies in the Quran and Islam is a rare thing in England. Strangely, we never encountered a muslim who could read Arabic, so they all had English bibles and Qurans; and then they wanted to say the Bible was corrupted through translation. They also will take issue with the New Testament being written by the Apostles and not Jesus. ( they have not even heard that there is a Holy Spirit ) When confronted with the truth that their prophet could not read or write,  they change the subject rather than acknowledge that their Quran was written by men and not their prophet. They also have notes with which they attempt to discredit the Bible, and often they have their way with the local Christians who are not really sure what the Bible says or means. While sharing the Gospel in London, we had an opportunity to preach at Trafalgar Square during a gay-pride parade/festival. This was a very highly emotionally charged crowd. By God’s providence we were protected by police. We don’t preach that homosexual sin is different in nature than other sins. All sin is an issue from the human heart, although the Bible does state that sexual sins are more injurious than others which are more eternal to our bodies. But we do preach about the marriage relationship and how a husband and wife become one flesh spiritually. Like America, homosexuality has become a treasured idol, and to speak against it is to be labeled a hater. We were able to worship with the saints at Grace Life London Church twice. This is a wonderful gathering of believers who come together in love, teaching and preaching, learning, and serving one another. as some more of our friends from America returned home, Mike and Myself traveled south to Taunton and Bristol, where we were hosted by a Christian couple. We were shown much kindness by Mike Overd and his wife Rachel. Mike consistently preaches on the streets of his home in Taunton. He has been arrested twice and found not guilty each time, because the Bible is the truth with which he confronts the world, declaring that Jesus did not come to condemn the world, but that world might be saved by Him. Just an honest objective look should leave no doubts that the world is already presently under condemnation, and a look in the mirror preaches to each of us that we are aging and our life will soon end, and the Bible declares that after death is judgment. On what was to be our final day with Mike we left the small town of Tauntom and went with him to one of the larger cities in England, Bristol. Bristol was a famous spot for open air preaching and huge crowds would gather to hear George Whitefield, John Wesley, and Howell Harris preach. We prayed this day for a crowd and preached near to the Wesley Chapel where there is located a statue of Mr. Wesley on his horse, in memory of his itinerant preaching career. The Lord answered our prayers and a large crowd gathered. We each preached the Gospel and answered questions pertaining to sin, judgment, islam, sexual immorality, and salvation. Eventually some police arrived on horseback, and unlike all the police we had met with all over England, they arrested all 4 of us, then later bailed us out freely. Mike and I traveled to Ireland and preached there while waiting for a disposition on our arrest. We returned to Bristol to meet with police and were represented by a Christian Ministry which deals with Christian legal matters. The organization Christian Concerns freely took our case and met with authorities. After our meeting, I was informed thay I had not yet been charged with any crime, was free to return to the US, and would be contacted in 4 to 6 months if the Crown  prosecutor decided a law had been broken. Clearly the law is administered differently in the UK. Mike and I then traveled North to visit our friend Dale, in Workington. While staying with Dale we preached in the town of Keswick during the week when the Christian conference there was ongoing. Keswick was once home to an annual conference where Godly men and women would gather and hear from preachers and teachers, who taught from the Bible and made known great Biblical truths. Sadly, the convention has become a reflection of the popular churches in the UK. Much praise and fellowship, but comfortable, feel-good messages and sound-bytes. We preached at a spot distant from their gathering, but not distant enough or some. There were some of the Christians who would stop and offer encouragement, but there were some strongly opposed to preaching outside.The residents of Keswick mostly don’t attend the convention and profit by selling their wares to the convention attendees before and after each days meeting. IWe thanked God the residents would hear the truth and we prayed to God that by hearing the Word they might come to faith in Jesus Christ. Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God. If the residents are not going to the convention, how will they call on the name of Jesus unless they believe, and how will they believe unless they hear, and how will they hear unless someone goes into town to preach. We give glory to God that He would use such a lowly means by which His truth is made known, not by the powerful, mighty, rich, or marvelous, but by forgiven men, saved by Him to declare His message. We know by His Word that He is pleased by the foolishness of the message preached. The message is foolish to those who are perishing, but to those who are being saved the Gospel is the power of God unto salvation. I then flew home to visit my family and my family in Christ, and to pray, and give thanks, and to seek the Lord and what He would have me to do or where to go, to be used by God, to be humbled by the Gospel, and to love Him and the souls He has create.