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2017 UK tour, England Wales, Ireland

I left home to participate in a 6 week ministry and preaching outreach in the United Kingdom, leaving mid June and returning July 22. For the initial 2 weeks I traveled with a team invited by my friend and Co- laborer for the Gospel sake, Dale Mcalpine. We were blessed to be hosted and were able to sleep in the Birmingham Free Baptist Church, where Pastor Larry Curtis works to feed his flock, and frequently brings in groups of young people in hopes that many might come to faith. During this 2 week period, we traveled daily and preached in Birmingham, Oxford, Cambridge, Leicester, Nottingham, Manchester, Lincoln.
When that portion of the mission was complete, I traveled South to Bristol, to encourage my friends Mike Stockwell and Mike Overd, as they were scheduled to appear at the Bristol Court of Appeals. Last year about this time, 4 preachers were arrested for preaching in Bristol and mike and mike were declared guilty at the initial criminal court. They had an excellent legal team provided for by the Christian Concern ministry in England, and in answer to prayers around the world, both men were found “Not guilty” at the appeals hearing.
Once the trial was complete, Myself, Mike Stockwell, and Robert Gray, traveled by train to Swansea Wales to minister and preach in the Southern towns of Cardiff and Swansea. Wales is a favorite place for me to preach, and I have read and studied the rich history of how an awakening occurred in this agricultural and backwoods country during the days of George Whitefield, Howell Harris, Daniel Rowlands, Griffith Jones. John Wesley visited and preached in Wales, but his Wesleyan arminianism was not accepted in Wales, so there was a more pure Calvinist Methodist doctrine, without all the debates over entire sanctification and eternal security. And unlike the preaching in the metropolis of London and Bristol in England, when there would be thousands to hear the preaching in Wales; it would be families who had traveled by wagon or horseback to hear the preaching. Our start in Wales was a little shaky. Initially I had been invited by editor of the Christian Voice Newspaper to stay at his place; but as it turned out, his place is far from the towns of Swansea and Cardiff. Next I applied to the Christian Seminary in Brigend, which was where I had stayed previously. I then called a good friend, James Waddwll and asked about lodging for 3 men. James was able to secure for us a 5 night stay at a Christian retreat house, located in South Gower, one of the most beautiful locations in Wales. When our time in Wales had ended, we said goodbye to James and traveled by train, bus, and ferry to the city of Dublin, Ireland. In Ireland we were provided for by our friend Desmond Smyth and his wife; we were blessed to preach in Belfast and in Dublin.
For our final week, we traveled by ferry, bus, and train back to Northern England, to the area of Cumbria, and were reunited with Dale Mcalpine for the final week, preaching in Keswick, Carlisle, and Kendal. There is much more that could be said, but our hope and our prayers are that God would awaken many to the truth of the Gospel, that we were an encouragement to the believers there, and that we walked in the works that God had prepared for us, we fought a good fight, we finished the course set before us. We walked by faith, believing that now is the accepted time and now may be the day for many to be saved. And God answered our prayers, provided for us, protected us, and brought us back safely. He has truly done all we have asked and even beyond what we asked. I give God and my Lord Jesus all the glory, and honor, and thanksgiving. There is no God besides Him that I desire and no one on earth I seek after. He is glorious in holiness; so then, come let us adore Him and exalt His name together.

Shrewsbury is the birthplace of Charles Darwin. When I asked a nice young man to take a photo, I also asked him who was the most famous man from Shrewsbury; without hesitation he answered “Darwin”

A Christian mother and daughter had traveled long and prayed much for a victorious outcome in the Bristol Court of Appeals. God answered their prayers and the prayers of many. NOT GUILTY was the answer

A young Muslim man in Birmingham, keeping his identity hidden

A prominent restaurant in Oxford, not that the name is appealing

Leicester England is a favorite for Roman Catholics to go and consider Mary, the mother of Jesus; Not so much mention of Jesus here.

We proclaim the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords, Jesus Christ

This young man in Oxford carried a portable personal circle; so that when needed he could assemble it and then sit peacefully in his own little circle

Martyrs Memorial Monument in Oxford. Bishops Ridley, Latimer, and Thomas Cranmer, burned at the stake near here, 1555

An unusual sign posted in Birmingham. where acceptance is most often enforced

The Christian retreat center offered us a 4 day scholarship in Swansea Wales, located in South Gower, one of the most picturesque spots in Wales

The path leading from the retreat center down to the beach in South Gower

The beach in Wales near our lodging, located near the three cliffs Bay

Many in Cardiff Wales stopped to listen, but there were mockers and scoffers, who spent their afternoon, wanting to receive attention

Our team in Wales, our friend James Waddell, 3rd from right worked to get us lodging in Wales, he is a dear brother and are thankful for his help and hospitality

A sunset was on display as we traveled by Ferry from Wales to Dublin

Wales is a country of few vowels, and they use a “W’ as a vowel when necessary

Our first visit to preach in Belfast. Much different than Dublin. A people so proud to be thought of as Protestant. We pray one day many might become born again; Christians.

Keswick, our final destination this year for preaching. Keswick has been the home of a Christian conference here for many years. Sadly, the townspeople are not much included, and the Christians don’t share the Gospel much in the town.

The young man with long hair is a professing atheist, come to Birmingham to debate with the Muslims, who set up their displays and play their music at the Bull Ring, town center

This was a winsome and joyous man in Birmingham. He never said a word, but he never took a break from dancing and rejoicing

My friend Mike Overd preaching in Glastonbury England. A town known for witchcraft and paganism, much like Salem Mass. in U>S>

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