Preaching in Jamaica 2013

We traveled back to Jamaica in January. With men and women in our group as many as 21 at times. We passwd out approximately 100,000 Gospel tracts, many Bibles, and we were blessed to preach to those in Montego Bay, Ocho Rios, Kingston, and Falmouth. We preached at the town centers, the open air market, a taxi lot, and at an infirmary. We pray now that Almighty God will protect all these seeds that were sown and give growth and increase. Jamaica has more than enough church buildings and church go-ers, but what they need is the Gospel and a movement of God upon them bringing about a fear of the Lord and a conviction of sin that would bring them to a place whwere they would cry out to God, praying He would grant repentance and saving faith in the Perfect life, death on the cross and resurrection of Jesus Christ so that as many as receive Him to them would be given the power to become sons of God by the will of the Father. My prayer is for the Holy Spirit of God to fall upon this island, and to draw the Jamaicans to Christ.

jamaica 2013

We traveled back to Jamaica in 2013

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