Preaching in England 2015

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Arriving in IMG_7229Manchester UK on June 2, I met with 6 other Christian men, on a mission to visit numerous cities in England, preaching Jesus Christ and him crucified. To make the nature of God known, His righteousness and His redeeming love is our hope and calling. There are so many atheists, Muslims, and JWs here in England who have no thought or knowledge of the character of God as revealed in the Bible. The Bible declares God has revealed His existence to all men, although many suppress what has been manifested into them, but saving faith comes about by hearing the Gospel of Jesus Christ, therefore, we preach what we know, Jesus Christ and the Gospel, this is the power of God unto salvation to those saved, but foolishness to those not saved, but perishing. So we were privileged to preach in the town of Leeds, Hull, Cambridge, Oxford, Peterborough, Lincoln, Nottingham, Birmingham, and Manchester. We  were provided for, protected, encouraged, insulted, mocked, and yet blessed by God to be the means by which many would hear of the way of salvation. Our great hope is that the name of Jesus Christ be exalted here and that His kingdom would be increased. Dale Macalpine had been the leader here. He has prepared, prayed, and planned theses two weeks. We all thank God for Dale.

Most have now returned to the US, but my friend Mike Stockwell and myself remained and traveled to London where we were hosted by pastor Ryan King, and our dear friend Rob Hughes. While in London we teamed with evangelists Bobby Mcreery and Tony Miano from the US, and several of the Englishmen they were assisting in or near London. While in this are we preached the Gospel at the Tower of London, Leicester Square, Barking, and Piccadilly Circus. We departed then and traveled up north to Cumbria, where we met – Dale-, again in Carilsle to preach at the Cumbria gay pride event held in downtown Carlisle. The behavior there was shocking, although the aggressive violence present in US gay pride events was not openly manifested. We preached down the street from the stage, and gay performers and the audience, however, many decided to be near to the preaching of Jesus Christ, including the entertainers, and even the promoter stopped by to espouse his lifestyle. The Carlisle police treated us fairly, and even escorted us to the elevator leading to the car park. There was no violence all day until while leaving Mike Stockwell attempted to walk across the shopping area in the vicinity of the stage, without preaching, but carrying a sign which stated that ” Before pride, goes destruction “. He was pushed and shoved, and had his glasses knocked off, but we all knocked the dust off our feet and left Carlisle. I said goodbye to Mike, and traveled with Dale to his home in Workington, and we preached that week in Keswick, Liverpool, Blackpool, Carlisle, and Whitehaven. After a week of ministry with Dale, I traveled south to Taunton to meet and spend some time with my friend Mike Overd. The previous year when Mike and I had preached in his hometown of Taunton, there were several unreasonable complaints about his preaching, and in this past year he has been charged and tried for speaking against homosexuality and Islam. He was found not guilty of speaking against Islam, but was found guilty and is now appealing a complaint, pertaining to homosexuality. Incredibly there is no video to justify the charge that he quoted the Bible in a way to offend his accuser. Mike is an extremely passionate preacher, always preaching with love. He does not preach a message of condemnation in any manner, however, if asked, as he was that day, he will not hesitate to quote the Bible. His appeal is later this year, and he has full trust that the outcome will glorify God. While with Mike we preached the Gospel in his hometown, Taunton, and we preached in Minehead during a day when we visited the area near Dunster Castle, in Somerset. Mike and his dear wife Rachel were called to London to meet with their attorney, so I traveled to Manchester for my final week in England. While in Manchester I stayed with some of the members of Grace Life Church Manchester. I was hosted there by 4 young men, who are zealous for the things of God. While visited there we preached in Manchester, Preston, and Chester. It was a great joy to see the love of Christ lived out by these young men, and a great hope and anticipation to see where God leads them. I was able to worship with the brethren at Grace Life, and all too soon my departure date arrived, so I departed for Home. How great is God that He would bless me to be the means by which so many would hear the Gospel. Not the wise, the mighty, the rich, nor the powerful, but an earthen vessel. with no clever argument. Just a saved sinner who has been given the gift of eternal life, had his sins blotted out, and come to love Jesus Christ, and to love his neighbor. And so I tell my neighbors about God’s love, about God’s Son, about the way of salvation, to declare that, as it is written, the Messiah has suffered and risen from the dead the third day, and now repentance for forgiveness of sins is to be proclaimed to all nations. May God be glorified in all things, and the name of Jesus exalted in all nations,


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