The Holy Bible ( the words of eternal life)

Thomas Vincent

 1 . A true Christian’s Love to the unseen Christ

 2. A work begun

John Bunyan

  1. A pilgrim’s progress

  2. The holy war

  3. Grace abounding

John Flavel

  1. Keeping the heart

  2. Works of John Flavel

  3. The fountain of life ( also inc in Works)

Ichabod Spenser

  1. Sketches of a pastor

Martin LLoyd Jones

  1. The cross

Joseph Alleine

  1. An alarm to the unconverted ( a sure guide to heaven )

John Owen

  1. The death of death in the death of Christ

 John Calvin

Commentarry of the Bible

  1. Jeremiah From John Calvin’s lectures translated and edited by John Owen

Octavius Winslow

  1. personal declension

Ray Comfort

  1. God has a wonderful plan for your life

J.C. Ryle

  Commentary Matthew, Mark, Luke, John















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