Trip to Jamaica to share the gospel of Jesus Christ

From missions trip to Jamaica, January 3 thru 24.

Here is some Video to watch

This is a Jamaican lady named Zephamontanaire. While preaching and passing out tracts in Ocho Rios she approached many in our team with a language that was quite unintelligible. Because of the trash bag on her head i thought she was beyond comprehension so i bought her some apples and gave her a 12 page tract, Bad record, bad heart. Word by word she read aloud the tract from cover to cover including scripture references that were abbreviated. Her joy to read was revealed in a visible change in her demeanor. The locals passing by were amazed that she could read. Then she proceeded to sing a new song, which i believe was to the glory to God and a demonstraion of the love of Christ. May we all be humbled and worship Him. 


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