Dominican Republic 2018


This year I was blessed to be invited to travel to the Dominican Republic and assist in teaching evangelism and sharing the Gospel in the city of Santo Domingo. Pastor Mark Loeffert , his wife Michele, my dear friend Mark O’Keefe and I were hosted by different members of what has since become one of my favorite churches, Iglesia Biblica Senor Jesus Christo. While there we spent 7 days ministering to the brethren by praying and teaching Biblical and Christ centered evangelism, and sharing the Gospel in town, at the college, at a school, in the barrio, and in the park. We were greatly encouraged by the believers there; not just the members of IBSJ, but others, like Jorge Castro who had a passion to share the Good News of the Gospel. This was my first time having a translator. It was a genuine blessing to have men like Jorge and Joel and Pastor Leopoldo Espaillat translate, often having a more passionate demeanor than myself. By God’s providence we were also greatly assisted by many of the young people who would normally be attending school, but a delay in remodeling the school provided them a week off. Many of the students traveled and ministered with us.

Sharing the Bible with the people in Santo Domingo is much different than in the U.S. There is a belief there that the Bible is the Word of God and is true, and there is a real fear of the Lord among the people. Possessing these traits does nothing with regards to salvation for someone without a renewed heart, but they are willing to listen or read for themselves what the Bible makes known. They will generally nod their head in agreement. After just showing them a few scripture verses, most people I encountered would agree they were not morally good and needed to repent. A similar response would be very infrequent in America where most people consider moral goodness relative to each person’s life and experience. However the men and women in Santo Domingo often will externally and verbally assent; but one word would leave them speechless. { Cuando? }, (When?) was a question for which they had no response. They could see the problem and they could agree with the need to repent and trust in Jesus, but most comprehended it only intellectually, and without a true sense of conviction, they felt no need for seeking the pardon that is only granted by virtue of receiving Christ by faith. All too soon the week was finished, and we had to say our “Adios” and fly back to the America. I was greatly encouraged by the local church there and the brothers and sisters who received us with love and hospitality I hope and pray we were an encouragement to them.

A short video of the students at a school at which we each shared with the students a message, and how they blessed us in their lifting up their voices to praise the Lord. Have you never read ” Out of  the mouths of infants and nursing babies, you have prepared praise.”

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