Salem and Fall season 2018

Fall preaching started earlier this year, and covered a much larger mission field and a longer period of time on the road. In between a trip to the Dominican Republic and a final week of preaching which included Salem Massachusetts on October 31, I was blessed and privileged to share the Gospel of Jesus at countless colleges and many cities and street corners. My friend Scot Smith coordinated much of the trip, but there were several weeks when I had to trust in the Lord and He provided not only open effectual doors to testify to the truth of God, but also men to work with, families to stay with, and when needed even the funds to secure a room. Jesus said ” foxes had dens and birds had nests, but the Son of man had no where to lay His head”. The Lord has been good to me and has done exceedingly more than what I thought to ask. On this trip at some point we made a visit to the Ark Encounter on a Sunday afternoon, after worshipping with the saints in Kentucky. This trip also was amazing in that so many pastors, elders, and Christians joined in evangelism. We were accompanied and assisted by brothers and sisters in: Colorado, Missouri, Kansas, Illinois, Kentucky, and Massachusetts In addition to preaching on college campuses, I also ministered outside abortion clinics in N.J., NYC, Connecticut, and Maryland. There was also days of preaching in different cities: Boulder, Denver, Newark, NYC, Rochester, Boston, Camden, and Salem.

As for the college ministry, the students continue to be more militant with regards to silencing anything contrary to their feelings. As reported in recent news accounts, some non Christian lecturers are being shut down by riotous students because of conservative viewpoints. Although these lecturers are invited and provided a venue to give their speech, the students forcibly take over the speaking engagement,  and the campus police are unable to maintain order. Much the same occurs when  sharing the Gospel on campus,  although we generally allow the students opportunities to ask questions and state their beliefs. There are many students who listen respectfully, but at most colleges there is a militant faction who will demonstrate and protest and make the subject of the day their group. In downtown Denver, we had to take some time out to pray and to allow some of the most angry students to cool off or move on. Yet it was a great day there for person to person conversations. Often the larger schools have been visited by some hate filled preachers who attempt to get a large crowd by insulting anyone who walks by. Sadly we are generally lumped in with them and considered guilty before we even speak. However there is a great need for the truth of the Gospel to be declared at the colleges. Every world view imaginable is offered to the students by the secular staff, but the Christian worldview and faith in Christ is considered offensive in public. For example, at the the Ark Encounter I purchased a shirt with a scripture verse from Genesis about the rainbow and God’s eternal covenant with Noah. The young  woman in line ahead of me said she loved the shirt, but would be afraid to wear it at on campus. I was surprised at her fear and asked the cashier who was an employee at the Ark Encounter what her thoughts were about wearing the shirt. She too said she could not wear the shirt at her school. I fully understand the intolerance students demonstrate when some visiting Christians come on campus, but it is sad that young professing Christians are so frightened to take a stand for Bible truth. I believe that so many American Christians are not reading the Bible and come to believe that to be well thought of is the mission Christ has called us to. Our culture has impressed upon us that everyone must like and respect us or; we have failed. It is clear in the teaching of Jesus that because of who He was, and because the world hated Him, those who followed Him, would also be hated. One of the signs I take with me when I visit a campus has simply 4 letters. L O V E. A major problem with our culture today is the meaning of this word. Quite often students will ask        ” what is wrong with me loving my partner?” I am always quick to respond that the entire Bible would direct us to love God, love our neighbor, and love our enemies. At the final campus for this year,  Southern Connecticut State University, a young woman asked me this question. I said  it was no sin to love her partner and suggested she love her partner like she loved her father. She said that would be “creepy”, and it shows how the meaning and the purity of love has been defiled in this generation.

During a 2 month period, we traveled and preached at colleges in, Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey, and Kentucky.

Once again we were helped and encouraged by Pastor Steven Brock in Salem Massachusetts. This is maybe the 9th time I have visited Salem and preached during the festivities that take place there on October 31.  Salem has marketed witchcraft and sorcery and endeavored to host the largest party in the country during the Halloween season. For some, it is just another  big city block party; but for others they go to Salem to network with like minded people, taking part in the occult, or to learn, or to purchase supplies tp practice their craft. This is not a children’s costume party or a Trunk or Treat party. Many attending the Salem party dress up in vile and disgusting costumes, celebrating, witchcraft, abortion, and perverted nuns and priests. It is sad and shocking to see people bringing their children to such an event. The most supernatural thing I have observed is how often people will travel to Salem expending time, money, and energy and then spend the entire day standing before some Christians preaching, so as to mock or scoff at what is preached. It would seem that regardless how much they claim that God does not exist, they are captivated by the truth and  can not walk away. I thank God for His protection and for His mercy, and for the opportunity to bear witness to the truth and be a light in a dark place. And I thank God for bold Christians like Steven Brock, who has left his home in N.C. and planted a church in Salem I pray that our visit was an encouragement to him.

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