UK 2018 evangelism

Summer of 2018 was mostly spent sharing the Gospel in England, Scotland, Ireland, and Wales. Over a period of 8 weeks I met, traveled and preached with different Christians from different countries. Initially with some other Americans we were hosted by my dear friend Dale McAlpine and we spent our nights at a Baptist Church in Birmingham, England. With the church as a base, we traveled and preached the Gospel in Oxford, Cambridge, Bath, Lincoln, Carlisle, and Manchester. Some of my American friends returned to the states, but 3 of us traveled to Glasgow, Scotland where we joined  with about 17  American Pastors and street preachers. We lodged in a large hostel near the Glasgow city center. We divided into teams, and I was blessed to lead a team of 4 compassionate and bold Christian men from different states in America, with a united desire to see the people in Scotland gloriously saved. While in Glasgow we were often joined by some local Christians who were like-minded and were daily sharing the Gospel on the streets. This was very encouraging since during my previous trips to Scotland I have seldom seen anyone sharing their faith in public. On a Sunday I took my team and some others and gathered with the saints at a reformed Baptist Church in Anniesland, which is only a few miles from Glasgow city center. Pastor James Handysides preached a powerful message and invited some of us back to his place for lunch and fellowship. He has been a pastor for more than 50 years, and lived during times of much evangelism in Glasgow, when there were many Gospel meetings often in different sections of the city. My team and I also traveled to Stirling, Scotland where we saw the castle of William Wallace and preached in the Stirling area. This was meaningful to me because when I was last in Stirling, we endured much harassment by the local police. Each of us had an opportunity to share the Gospel and in answer to prayer we had No issues with the police. I give thanks and praise to the Lord for His many benefits. My team did not make it to Edinburgh, choosing rather to stay and minister in Glasgow, where there was a huge parade celebrating the victory of William of Orange, which brought about the end of the tyranny of Catholicism in the UK. There were people from all over Scotland, England, and Ireland grouped into different lodges parading down the city streets. Sadly the celebration involves hatred towards Roman Catholics and excessive drinking. When my team left to return to their homes and families, I traveled to Dublin Ireland where I was hosted by my friend Desmond Smith and his wife. We preached in the downtown Dublin area and in the city of Galway. during a few days when many had gathered  to experience the horse racing there. Once again excessive drinking and hatred were demonstrated. In Ireland there is much hatred towards Roman Catholics, but even worse is their enmity towards God. The people in Ireland had just had a major vote t o repeal their eighth amendment and unfortunately became the 1st country in the world to make abortion legal by popular vote. After a week in Ireland I spent some more time in England, preaching in the cities of Keswick, Kendal, Manchester, and Bristol. Manchester is a refuge for me, and the believers from the church, Grace Life Manchester, have always treated me with love and compassion. They encourage me, and I hope that I am an encouragement to them. Often one or more of the brothers there will work with me in sharing the Gospel. Bristol is a large city south of London, and was a favorite place to preach for George Whitefield, John Wesley, and Howell Harris. Myself and 3 other men were arrested in Bristol in 2016. for preaching in public, using words from the Bible that some of the residents thought were offensive. We were found Not Guilty in the court, and we continue to wait to see if the city will reimburse us because of the false arrest. My final time was spent in Wales. I have a real passion and a burden for the people in Wales. For lodging I rented an air bnb near the city of Swansea shopping area. The lady who runs the bnb also works at the Bible college there, which was founded by Reese Howells. Mr Howells  is known for his remarkable prayer life. The Bible college is now owned and operated by a group from Singapore. There may be a substantial difference from the theology of the founder of the school. My host, Ms Deb had quickly  gone by, and I returned safely home. Thanks be to God! This is the Lord’s doing, and it is marvelous in our sight.

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