Virginia Commonwealth University preaching

Virginia Commonwealth University preaching

Preaching at Virginia Commonwewalth Univeresity

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  1. voice in the wilderness says:

    Frauds and charltans, the lot of you, your circus antics at VCU do little to nothing to promote Christ’s message of “loving one’s neighbor as oneself”. Indeed, you are so preoccupied with the mote in my eye that you overlook the poor, the orphan, the widow, and the stranger only a few short blocks from Campus. Had you any guts, you would shout your fire and brimstone outside of the Capitol Building or City Hall (where the true iniquity lies) just as did the prohets of old. Then again, that might get in the way of your cheap grace, and you just might have to suffer a bit. It’s much easier to throw stones from atop your little pedestals, isn’t it?

  2. Dapsdf says:

    To Pastor Jack & Pastor Steve,Wow, as Pastor Bloxton stated on our last night, all good thgins must come to an end but just for a little while. Already we are anxious for next year if the Lord tarries. Our hearts were truly touched especially with the messages, the love that was experienced by all, the food was most excellent, the music by Bro. O.V. & Tommy just calmed the spirit, new friends that we met, not only with your team, but here locally. God has blessed us richly by your ministry. You shall all remain in our hearts and prayers as you travel. God Bless you all .Frank & Cathi

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