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John Barros ministering to Moms from sidewalk at Orlando Center for Women= abortion clinic

John Barros ministering to Moms from sidewalk at Orlando Center for Women= abortion clinic

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Young Jamaican man had cast this bone at the preacher. Voodoo and spell casting- or, a finished lunch. nearby Jamaican woman kicked bone away

Young Jamaican man had cast this bone at the preacher. Voodoo and spell casting- or, a finished lunch. nearby Jamaican woman kicked bone away


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We have been in Montego Bay Jamaica for 4 days now. Preaching and evangelizing at the town center and today at the taxi park where multitudes arrive and depart from all over the island, we have nearly 100,000 Gospel tracts and religious literature and many are thankful and often say they still have their tract from the previous year. More and more often this year, some ( not the majority) say “they don’t want literature- they want money” as if money would solve their problems; and they state this as a command or directive. Sadly, a mountain of money could not feed all the Jamaicans for a day, and even worse than that, most here are not penniless but poor enough so that they are frustrated because they can’t buy what they see Americans and Europeans buy.
Their money is quickly spent on cell phones and fashionable clothes.

We brought as many Bibles as weight would allow. Everyone here wants a free Bible. We want to be discerning with the Bibles so that those who are seriously seeking the truth won’t go away empty handed. But when a Bible is given away, often there is a ” feeding-frenzy” attitude by all those nearby. They feel mistreated or slighted if they see someone else receive a Bible; So the Bibles go quickly. We pray that they (Bibles) are used by God to reveal Himself to these people, even if they took it because they wanted “free”.

Upon returning to the U.S., I stayed for a few days with my friend John Barros and his family, helping and encouraging John as he ministers on the sidewalk outside OWC, Orlando’s infamous abortion clinic. This clinic is owned by James Pendergraft, He has had his medical license revoked five times, and just last Fall he was caught in a traffic stop on S. Carolina, where police found illegal drugs and surgical instruments covered with blood and human tissue from abortions he had illegally performed throughout S. Carolina. John steadfastly ministers here 5 days each week, whenever the clinic is performing abortions. On Wednesdays and Thursdays this clinic performs 2nd term abortions, which involve a mom spending most of 2 days, not including her pre-exam and ultrasound, at the clinic until ultimately she delivers her dead baby. Some of the photos of this trip include the work at OWC, and there are some photos of an evening we spent on air at a local AM radio station in Orlando. Although this station is usually conversing on the latest news and politics, one Monday each month they bring John in and let him speak about abortion. There are many callers, often post-abort dads who call in and encourage John to keep speaking out. They regret their part in a past abortion and hope that by publicly and honestly discussing the subject, some of the listeners may hear the truth and be spared a lifetime of guilt, shame, and regret. John always shares the Gospel, and points to Jesus Christ as the blessed hope from which men and women might turn and be forgiven. This was my first and only time on a radio show. I think I prefer answering questions from a crowd downtown or on campus. The Jamaica outreach for this year is ended, we now commend all those who heard the Gospel, received a Bible or a tract, or conversed about the Kingdom of God into the Lord’s hands. May He be merciful and gracious, and may it be pleasing to Him to save many there.



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