To those I love

love for Christ’s sake,

Welcome. I hope you might have a moment to read my thoughts on the nature and duty of all men and women. John 14.6 states that Jesus Christ declares Himself as the Way the Truth and the Life. For just a moment consider this more than a slogan or a nameplate but as the unique and only Christ of GOD.

As the world sees there are many ways, but here Jesus is speaking of Himself in a spiritual way, not pointing to a path or philosophy, but to be spiritually in union with Him. And in union with Him the way of a believer would differ from the way of the world.

As the life, He declares Himself to be the light of men. To be in union with Him is a spiritual resurrection into newness of life. Dry and dead bones brought to life by a spiritual rebirth.

And Jesus declares Himself to be the truth and this is the message on my heart today.  The testimony of Jesus before Pilate was this (from John 18.37) “For this purpose I was born and for this purpose I have come into the world – to bear witness to the truth. Everyone who is of the truth listens to my voice.”

GOD’s Word is true forever settled in Heaven and Jesus Christ is this word become flesh and to believing in Him is to acknowledge all He declares as the foundation of truth. Not in what is felt or seen but in what was said and acomplshished in His virgin birth, sinless life, death on the cross, resurrection, and ascension to Glory. But Paul in his letter to believers in Thessalonica makes clear why so many are not ‘of the truth”. 2 Thessalonians 2. When he speaks of the lawless one and the activity of satan with all wicked deception for those  — 

Who are perishing because they refuse to love the truth and so be saved. Therefore GOD sends them a strong delusion, so that they may believe what is false, in order that all may be condemned who did not believe the truth but had pleasure in unrighteousness.

Napoleon is quoted as stating that men will believe anything they read – as long as it is not found in the Bible. He may not have been a Christian but he had keen perception into a problem inherent in the nature of man. At creation the word of a serpent was believed rather than the Word of GOD. In contrst Abraham believed GOD and his faith was reckoned for righteousness. .

Does it not seem preposterous that man would believe a created serpent rather than the Creator?T he same men that can not receive Christ as GOD revealed will unresevedly receive the teaching of Pelagius, Muhammed, Ellen White, Charles Russell, L. Ron Hubbard, Joseph Smith, Plato, Richard Dawkins, etc. And is it not incredulous that men believe in things like reincarnation, Mormonism, pantheism, transubstantiation, idolatry, evolution, big bang, etc. All of these are clearly without science or observation but are simply believed because they are told, taught, or have been read and believed, because it is brings about a feeling or emotion that brings peace to their soul. Or. by GOD’s Word, it is because they have a strong delusion and their emotions override their mind. And emotions are from the heart and the heart is deceitfully wicked above all. And this deceiving heart can only be conquered by the grace of GOD through the blood of Christ, administered by the Holy Spirit. This delusion explains why so many can’t trust in GOD’s Word and then so easy to ponder Buddism, philoophy.and socialism, capitalism, and to be comforted by rituals and traditions with superstitions. The moment this delusion passes it becomes clear that the problem with this world is me and you and all mankind. The delusion is that there is no problem or the problem caused by someone else, or that the peoblem can be solved by : the problem.

John 4.24 Jesus makes known to a Samaritan woman that “The hour is coming and is now here when true worshippers will worship the Father in spirit and in truth, for the Father is seeking  —

Such people to worship Him. GOD is spirit and those who worship Him must worship in spirit and truth.” Not just on a mountain or in a temple.  It’s time to test the spirits and see where your truth originates from. When came you to believe that a wafer is flesh or that wine is blood. Who taught you that a man is reincarnated and lives again or that “as GOD is so a man might become”. From where did you learn your people group was the lost tribe or the existence of hell a metaphor? When did you start to deny the existence of GOD and how was this learned? Why is your will so easily given to deception? Once you have been deceived it evolves into self deception and only GOD can grant repentance or a change of thought or mind. To acknowledge that wafer is a cracker or that the big bang is nothing but unscientific or that you were born a man just like all men is to acknowledge you were not only deceived but you are a part of the deception. You deny the truth and prefer a lie.

So why then is the Word of GOD different, and why should it be considered truth. The Bible is not just rules or stories, or fulfilled prophecies; it is GOD’s revelation to man of what He has done in creation and in the redemption of His creation. Oh there is no denial of the depravity of man or that the universe is passing away. The conscience of man and the universe in which we live and the nightly news testify clearly to the truth of GOD. All of creation demonstrates order with the exception of man who is fallen. And the fallen nature of man (sin) suppresses the truth in ungodliness. And through sin comes death and sorrow, poverty and suffering.

So then, do you worship this one GOD in truth or do you refuse to worship or worship GOD as you were taughtin tradition and superstition? The Gospel is GOD’s invitation to come to Christ and enter into the truth and to have a newness of life, no longer on the broad path the world loves but to be on the narrow path which is Christ. Those who reject the Gospel are those who prefer a lie who are like children who cover themselves with a blanket and then say we have no parent, we have no light, and we can’t see the light or know the way. All men know GOD exists, all of creation bears witness to this and all know Christ exists, your birth date testifies to this, and all men have within them the knowledge of right and wrong (conscience), and they are without excuse for their sin; for their conscience testifies to this. GOD commands all men everywhere to repent and be converted that your sins would be blotted out and that you might have a time of refreshing. Oh believe on the LORD Jesus Christ and be saved. Only GOD can cause the scales to fall from your eyes or your deceitful heart to changed or your delusion to be vanquished. GOD is mighty to save even the atheist godhater full of doubt suppressing the truth about his life and his goodness. Even the self righteouss hypocrite or idolator can be saved. Plead for GOD’s help in removing all your doubts and trust in this truth. Pray that Christ would grant not only forgiveness of sins, and repentance for remission of sins, but repentance from dead works and self righteousness. The Word of GOD speaks “Come let us reason together” No matter what your sin or what your doubts, call upon the name of the LORD, seek Him while He may be found. Pray for His mercy, His grace, redemption, and atonement all given freely in Christ, the fountain of all grace and mercy. Come to Christ as you are guilty with no excuses and confess not only your guilt but your helplessness to desire truth because of your love of the lies that exalt yourself.

Pray that GOD may grant you a love of the truth for the truth will set you free, that you might have a newness of life unlike the carnal life, and worship GOD in spirit and in truth. The carnal mind can not understand things of the spirit. Pray that you may be born again, of the spirit, that your life would be in Christ, crucified to the world and carnal life but in union with Christ and clothed in His righteousness. Acknowledge that only His blood atones for your sin and that witout His blood you are cursed by GOD, condemned not only for your sin but for your unbelief.  And may then this shed blood become more precious than your sin ever was, even more precious than all that you hold to or joy in or desire.. The Gospelis GOD’s offer of peace and good will towards men and HIs demonstration of  love in this,  He made Him who knew no sin to become sin, that we might be become the righteousness of GOD in Him.

To those I love

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