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  1. gay atheist says:

    yes hello i am a gay atheist how y’all doin

  2. Ryan Englander says:

    I am confused why evangelicals such as yourselves take such issue with the theory of evolution by natural selection. Nothing in the Bible specifically mentions the timescales over which God was purported to operate, nor the mechanism by which he created the multitudes of animals and plants. Why is it so deeply challenging to your faith to believe that the hand that God used to sculpt his creations was that of natural selection? Curious because people holding signs saying “Evolution Is a Lie” with links to your sight are on my campus right now.

  3. Sad says:

    You are currently at my school and it makes me very sad to see someone preaching such hatred in the attempt at love and faith. People in the LGBT community are doing absolutely no harm to you or anyone else. They are just trying to live their lives and be happy, yet many people I hear who preach of His love also preach hatred towards these people. They have every right to be happy and live their lives how they want as long as it is not harming another human being, just like you do. However your claims that they are not people, not worthy of His love and acceptance, are disgusting or wrong are in fact harming other human beings. I hope you will try to open your mind to this idea. You have every right to have your own beliefs, even if they are negative toward another person or group, but no right to try to push these beliefs on them. Love is love no matter if I happen to feel it for someone of the same sex or different. Thank you for your time.

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