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  1. Claire says:


    Will you be visiting JMU/Harrisonburg anytime next semester? I love what you do and would be more than happy to support your efforts the next time you visit my campus.

    To God be the glory! Thank you for preaching Christ crucified. To anyone else reading this, He is waiting there with open arms, ready for you to accept Him.

    • preach@luke24vs47.com says:

      Thanks so much for your encouragement. If you read most of the comments, you may have noticed the encouraging comments are in a minority. So many people today are opposed to Christianity on day’s other than Sunday, and not sequestered in a building. Words of encouragement like yours are like a cool drink for someone in a desert heat. I went to the YouTube link for Biblebelt66. Very nice. Sing as unto the Lord.
      John and Maryann and some from their church plan to go there to JMU more regularly. Maybe even to start a weekly Bible study if there was enough interest. I have some trips scheduled to preach in Jamaica and Belize 1st, but if God provided I could make it back in Spring. Thanks again.
      May the Lord bless you with every spiritual gift.
      Your friend and brother
      In Christ,

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      • Claire says:

        Please feel free to let me know via email or comment when they will next be visiting. I will try to set aside time to come, and maybe bring a friend along (who needs to hear the Gospel too)! I stopped to introduce myself to them earlier in October this year when they were preaching at a corner near the library. Please let them know that I said hello.

        Thank you and Merry Christmas!

  2. Erik says:

    You guys come to my school at Bloomsburg sometimes. We all take pictures of you and post them on our Facebook page and make fun of you. Just wanted you to know you’re not changing anyone’s mind and your efforts are futile. You guys are complete nerds.€£¥+geeds

    • preach@luke24vs47.com says:

      Like always I thank you all for your comments. We may not agree on many things but we can at least be thankful that we live in a time and place where disagreement doesn’t have to mean hatred. I love the students at Bloomsburg and share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with them even when they take photos, poke fun, and put me on Facebook. I come on your campus to share the Gospel knowing it is the power of God unto salvation to those who believe. Also I know I can not change your mind or your heart; but I come by faith, knowing God can do that, as evidenced in my life. Your comment states that “all” take pictures, place them on Facebook, and make fun. Do you mean every one on campus? Because we have had many good sincere conversations at Bloomsburg with some students who aren’t too busy making fun. Would you say that in the times when “all” are not making fun, there are some there on campus who struggle with family problems, drugs, alcohol, financial problems, or sexual problems? It may be that for
      some at Bloomsburg, all is not fun and games. Certainly for you alcohol or drugs or family is never a problem, yet there are young men and women on your campus who struggle. I believe that God is big enough and loving enough, able, and willing to change people’s lives. And I believe this enough to stand up for it and declare it, knowing it is the only truth that will bring men and women to peace with God, and free them from the power of sin. Maybe you don’t want to be free from sin’s power, but there are some there who, unlike you, struggle against sin, hating the guilt and shame that come with it; but you don’t believe that – or you would not be so opposed to someone speaking about God’s grace, and love, and His power to bring about salvation. My question for you is: what, if anything, you believed in enough to stand up for, and declare; not just to be a ” name caller”, but to speak clearly and reasonably in a way that would express who you are, or where you came from, or how you ” know “, anything. Since you call us nerds and geeds, how do you “know” what you are ? Are “you” the standard for non-nerd? If someone were to use that term to describe you, how would you “know”, that there was not a standard you were unaware of, leaving you a geed or a nerd and not even aware of it. Lastly we agree in this truth- that I can not change anyone’s mind. If I could change your mind, a bully or a pretty girl or a professor could change it back. Only God can accomplish this miracle, through the sinless life, sacrificial death, resurrection from the dead, and the sending of His Spirit. There is no way to argue someone into heaven, we simply present the truth prayerfully, then we pray that God’s Spirit will continue to draw young men and women like yourself to His Son, Jesus Christ. Our efforts are never futile. The truth about Jesus is the Saviour of life to some, and the Saviour of death to others. He brings about the fall of some and the raising of others. When the Gospel is proclaimed, every heart is revealed to God. Those who believe in Jesus Christ shall be saved; and those who believe not shall be condemned. What you “know”, your conscience, and the Word of God all clearly testify to your need of forgiveness. The fact that you suppress the truth Doesn’t alter the truth; it is simply your way of rationalizing, justifying, trying to be comfortable in your sin, trying to blot out whatever it is that makes you guilty or brings you shame. Guilt and shame are not bad things. These are some of what distinguish us from beasts or the insane. When someone offends or hurts you, do you not expect them to feel bad about it?
      Finally, the root of all this hostility toward preaching, name calling, making fun of those you disagree with, using profanity to emphasize your emotions; this is all because you love your sin, you love your self, and you love the world, even knowing there is much evil in the world, there is guilt and shame in you, and your sin brings destruction and will cost your soul. For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ. God demonstrated His love through the sacrifice of His Son, and you demonstrate your love of sin in your pride, and your self righteousness, and your hostility toward God, even though you don’t believe He exists or punishes sinners for their sin or sent His Son to save His people from the sin they love. I plead with you on Christ’s behalf, be reconciled to God. Call on the name of the Lord. Seek the Lord while He may be found. You will find Him. When you seek Him with all your heart. Please write again. I hope to see you next semester, even if it’s only to be mocked. But I will pray that God will change your heart and your mind, grant you repentance, and draw you to His Son Jesus Christ. Tis so sweet to trust in Jesus.

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