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  1. Yuri Dominguez says:

    I represent a group of students involved in producing a documentary about street preaching who would love to hear more about the process and what it entails. Please email the attached email address if you have any questions or if you are interested in taking part in this film.

    Thank you

    • preach@luke24vs47.com says:

      Dear Bobby McCreery,

      Thank you for coming to my school today and preaching the gospel message to all the students who were called to be there today, including the hecklers.

      I appreciated you all taking the time to come up all the way from Georgia and Virginia.
      Please do keep in touch, and keep up the good work for the kingdom!

      From: “Joseph Löbb” < josephalobb@gmail.com>
      Date: Nov 2, 2017 16:42
      Subject: Thank you for preaching at SCSU!

  2. Van White says:

    How kind of you to take an interest in improving my methods of sharing the good news of Jesus Christ!

    I don’t really like the term “proselytizing,” because that implies converting someone. There is nothing that I, nor anyone else, can possibly do to convert someone. That is God’s prerogative; only He can convert someone. All I can do is share the good news and encourage people to consider it with an open mind. If they repent of their sins and believe in how the god-man Jesus sacrificially died for those sins, that is between them and God. Then, God will forgive them, and they will be regenerated with a new life, both here and for eternity. For example, when I was in college, my guidance counselor showed me the various options of courses of study, but I decided which way my life was going to go.

    You mentioned that my methods are self-aggrandizing. Your claim puzzles me. The dictionary defines self-aggrandizing as “exaggerating one’s own importance or power.” I sure hope I didn’t do that. I know I gave the example of myself as a sinner who deserved hell and in no way deserved God’s mercy. I tried to be humble. If I failed, please help me by clarifying exactly what I said, so that I can correct my error the next time. My goal is to point people to the Lord Jesus Christ and not receive any glory myself.

    I know I mentioned that the only righteousness is that of Jesus Christ. He was perfect and lived a totally righteous life. No human ever has even come close. All of us have sinned and deserve the just rewards for that sin.

    But the miracle of salvation is that when someone puts their trust in Jesus Christ, He gives them not only forgiveness for all their sins, but the gift of His righteousness! That is the most amazing free gift of all time! The Bible clearly states that anyone claiming to be righteous will be lost forever. Jesus came to save sinners. He came to take away sin.

    My method of public preaching is a method that Jesus used and also his apostles. The apostle Paul and others throughout church history preached openly. The Bible’s command is to “Go into all the world and preach the Good News to everyone.”

    I also enjoy sharing Christ with people one-on-one. There are advantages and disadvantages of both methods.

    I have no plans to stop coming to CNU, because my heart goes out to the students. I really care about them. I recall the days I attended Virginia Tech and how I was searching for the truth. I sure wish I had heard this type of gospel message presentation earlier in that stage of my life.

    Shouting at people? Really? I never recall shouting at anyone. That said, it is extremely unfortunate that the CNU has a rule forbidding amplification. That rule nessesitates that I speak as loudly as I know how. People are 100 feet away, so I must raise my voice to the limit. However, I never shouted AT people. I was projecting my voice in order to be heard. If you don’t like the way I did it, please ask CNU activities to change their policy, so that I can speak in a normal tone of voice by using amplification. I would prefer that and apparently you would as well.

    Derisive: That means “expressing contempt or ridicule.” I am so sorry if I came across that way; I certainly didn’t mean to. My attitude is one of pleading with people to think through the issues concerning their sin and Jesus’s solution to that problem and how they can have eternal life with Him. Maybe, you can help me by recalling something specific I said that was derisive, so that I can repent of it and change my ways.

    You started off saying that my method was ineffective. Unless you are God, you can’t possibly know whether or not it is effective. When someone comes to faith in the Savior, that is a personal transaction that no man knows about. It is called regeneration. That is when God forgave that person. How can you as an observer determine if God has forgiven a person?

    I have a separate question for you: Exactly how many minutes did you listen to my message, and did you listen in earnest? Frequently we get comments from people who heard only a few seconds of the message. If a professor read a couple of sentances from a student’s paper and gave him a failing grade, the student would likely complain.

    I am dedicated to helping any students interested, find a new relationship with the Savior, who will totally forgive them, give them a supernatural peace and change their life in many wonderful ways, and of course provide eternal life for them.

    I am Van, the speaker on Oct. 1, 2017 at CNU. (The owner of this website was not the speaker.)

  3. Robert Ray says:

    Your methods of proselytizing are ineffective and detrimental to your own goals. They are merely self aggrandizing, giving a sense of self righteousness without any actual benefit to others.

    Please either stop coming to Christopher Newport University, or carefully reconsider your methods. Shouting at people, and being derisive does nothing but harm. If that is all you can do then stay home.

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